Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing news.

I'm stuck. I haven't even gotten past the prologue, and I'm already stuck with my Defenders of the Realm story. I'm not sure if I like the prologue which I wrote. I might scrap it and re-write it.
I've also been mulling over the fantasy genre - mostly the magic part of the fantasy genre.
That, and the stuckness issue, are forcing me to put Defenders of the Realm to the side for the time being. Hopefully it won't be too long.

On another note... I had the most brilliant idea for a plot. Actually, the core idea came two summers ago. I have been thinking about it on and off for two years and I think I may finally have a good enough plot to start coming up with characters - then I can maybe start writing.

Now I shall talk about After the Twelfth Night.
For those who don't know, I played Antonio in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night in 2009. I was upset because we never find out what happens to Antonio after the play - does he go to jail or does Sebastian come to his rescue?
In 2011 I decided to write a book about what happened to my beloved character for a novel writing class my friend's mom taught. The subsequent months consisted of much writing, re-writing, editing, and formatting.
Finally, sometime in the early fall, we ordered five copies of my book from (a site which I do not recommend - too difficult to format).

The experience was like no other. I had never written something so long before - I had actually written a novel!
Shortly after I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time - taking my writing to new levels entirely.
During NaNoWriMo 2011 I wrote the sequel to After the Twelfth Night.

I have been working on re-writing and editing The Sequel for about a year, now. The end is nigh... My mom and I are currently going through it fixing discrepancies, spelling and grammar mistakes, making sentences better, and taking out information that doesn't need to be in there.

Now I am debating publishing....
I have already decided to combine the first and second books into one book, separated into Part 1 and Part 2.
This not only eliminates the trouble of having to come up with another title and another cover, it allows me to edit Part/Book 1 and make it better (and maybe longer! It's only about 16,000 words. Either that or 26,000 words... I can't remember since the document was deleted off my computer). I also don't have to go through the trouble of explaining what happens in Book/Part 1 in Book/Part 2.

Back to the publishing thing....
Part 1 isn't long enough to be it's own novel - and truthfully, I don't think it's up to par with other writings out there (which is why I am glad to be editing it some more). Much of it is somewhat fantastical and historically inaccurate (it's set in 1604).
Because I didn't want to publish Book/Part 1, I hadn't planned on publishing Book/Part 2 either.
Now, though, since I am combining them, I am reconsidering.
Part 2 easily takes care of the length problem. The book (both Parts) is still somewhat fantastical and historically inaccurate... But I didn't write it to be a historical novel. It is an adventure. It focuses on the plot and the adventure and the characters. I don't want it to become a historical novel, either. It is meant to be a fun read - it isn't meant to teach about how things used to be.
Besides, who said the worlds in Shakespeare's plays were accurate? I mean, he had fairies in A Midsummer's Night Dream. And wasn't there a giant in The Tempest?

I would be self-publishing. I would probably use since I've heard good things about it from various sources.
If I finish editing both Parts before June, however, I might consider using the Createspace code from NaNoWriMo (given to the winners). I heard it's pretty hard to figure out, though.
Also, I heard somewhere that as well as sending you five free copies, it publishes your work on Amazon for all to see? I have no clue if that is true or not. If someone out there knows, please tell me!

Anyway, there are all my authorly plans out in the open.

Would you like to read the prologue of Defenders of the Realm even though it isn't very good? Should I self-publish? What about the possible historical inaccuracies (I know so little about Shakespeare's time, I don't even know if there are any huge inaccuracies)? Also, would you like to hear more about After the Twelfth Night? Perhaps meet some of the characters?
Answer away! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Live long and prosper!


  1. Note about Blurb taken.

    If you don't want to really sell them (unless people want to read them), I'd advise self-publishing. That's what I'm probably going to do. Createspace does the same thing I think! It mentioned Amazon and sales. It allows you to make a cover yourself and paste it into a thingy, or to design a cover using a free design-maker that allows you to do what you want yourself in an easy way. Or you can pay someone to help you out with it.

    Sure, I'd love to read the prologue! If you decide to delete it and start over though, keep the deleted file safe in case you want to read it again for new ideas etc.

  2. Just keep chugging along with the Defenders of the Realm story. Or just skip the boring parts and just write all the fight scenes. (That's probably what I would do xD)
    I say go for it with the self-publishing! I highly recommend NOT using Createspace, because when I tried it was a pain in the rear to try and figure out the formatting. (And this is coming from someone who took the time to read an entire book on formatting for ebooks!)
    I wouldn't worry about the innaccuracies, because honestly I don't know many people who know anything about 1604.
    After the Twelfth Night does intrigue me. I've been meaning to read Twelfth Night for a while, but....books happened xD

  3. I would LOVE to read the prologue!!
    If you use your code on Creatspace it doesn't put your book on Amazon for everyone unless you want it to. And if you need help with the code I offer my services, such as they be. (Sorry, I watched The Lord of the Rings today.)
    I want to meet the characters!
    Also, if you just want to get the books to your friends and family, I would suggest self-publishing.

    Oh yes, I watched The Hitchiker movie. *Grin* I LOVED the depressed robot!! He was the best part. Arthur was fun, because Martin Freeman played him. *Smirk* And Ford was cool, also the president was so nutty I couldn't help but liking him.

    I watched the E-lock with M. Oh man!!! I was sooo shocked!! I didn't think he'd actually, stab the fellow! I kept, through the whole thing, going, "DON'T DO IT!" But at least he didn't kill him. I am glad Joan stayed.

    If you need help with the Definder of the book I would be willing to offer what assistance I can.

    Thanks! I will go look at your uniform post when I finish here!

    I read Uglies and Pretties. I liked Uglies by the end, but Pretties disappointed me so much I gave up on the others. I didn't like Tally in that one, and I did not like Zane at all. I missed Shay (the non pretty Shay.) and David. And the ending was...weird. Because I knew Zane died which would mean Tally would end up back with David but she left him for I didn't want to go on.

    (Someone needs to put Merlin in Sherlock as his younger brother. Even if it is just a side episode of something. I'd LOVE to see how he and Mycroft take it!) Have you heard of the Enola Holmes books?

    Aye, it is sad living in America sometimes were English writers like Herge and Mr. Reeve aren't that well known. They are such brilliant writers too..

    I agree about Steampunk. It was popular for awhile and they had all kinds of weird books about it and it wasn't even Steampunk. It was more...angels and demons with gears thrown in. (in fact, there is a popular series still about like that, I tried to read it but couldn't make it past the prologue.)

  4. Aye, the movie with Howl is different from the book, but is still has a lot of the same charm and elements and the characters are just as wonderful. (If anything, the hardest thing to get used to is seeing Howl. The others look like one would imagine them in the book, except Michael is younger. But Howl takes awhile. But, green slime. That helps. *Grin*)

    I have had a lot of fun writing with the twins. I think, so far, they have been my favourite pair to work with.

    Thanks for your understanding on comments! I love answering them and reading them, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything else I do. (This is a good thing though, I suppose.)

    Aye, it helps to take time away from a writing you don't like. I have heard this and try it myself sometimes though I have to tell myself I'm not chickening out. I must say though, I hope you are able to post it soon as I'm eager to read it.

    Oh man! The whale!! If I hadn't have been sitting down I would have fallen over from laughing! That was just too funny. "I wonder if it will be my friend?" I think that was one of the best parts in the movie. Though I still love the bit of the president kidnapping himself. If I am ever famous I think I might just kidnap myself.

    I agree, I don't think Irene is really dead either. I think she is going to show up later on, somehow managing to have lived. Which will be interesting because I always thought the writers would have E-Lock and Joan get together - even though that might have been a bit weird.
    And I didn't think Moran looked like a Moriarty either. More of an assassin from a video game, but not the clever, sneaky Moriarty. It will be interesting to see who they come up with to play him.
    I am still in a bit of shock over that one. E-Lock actually getting mad enough to stab someone, mad enough to kill them had it been Moriarty is so very unlike Sherlock - though he did get mad when girls were hurt. But I was so shocked and now I'm wondering what he WILL do when he actually does find Moriarty. But if they wished to throw us for a loop they managed.
    I am now wondering if Joan will get back into the medical field so she will be able to have a job. (And I have a feeling E-Lock is on to her not working for his dad anymore. Though if he isn't I am kind of curious to see what he will do when he does find out.)
    I am now even more curious to see where they go from here.

    You didn;t miss much not finishing Pretties. I have heard a lot of people say they didn't like the others as much as Uglies.

    I read the Enola Holmes books. I didn't think I'd like them but the reader is obviously a Sherlock Holmes fan. She made it very convincing that Sherlock could have had a younger sister. And he sounds like he is in Doyle's story in the books. They are a lot of fun, though the first is kind of hard to get through.

    And now I should go. I've a few more comments to answer, then bed. *Smirk*