Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snowfall! (And castles!)

This morning we woke to this....


Snow! I love snow. It always makes me think of the Peanuts and this song.... it is my favorite winter song, entitled (you guessed it!) Snowfall! I played it for my recital last month and it is one of my favorite piano songs to play.

Of course, all the snow is melted now....

I strongly dislike research, especially if I have to do it on the computer. And especially if it has to do with something I'm writing. I had rather make everything up.... But of course, that is not allowed.
I am, however, doing some research I enjoy for once. I am googling pictures of old castles because the King in Defenders of the Realm has to live somewhere!
There is a picture of the castle in the board game... Although I believe the picture is actually of the city itself, not just the castle. So, the castle is left to the imagination.... The first scene of my Defenders of the Realm story takes place in the high tower of the castle. But I need something to base the description of the tower off of....
I was having trouble deciding between my two favorite castles when I found out they were actually the same castle!
This castle is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, which, I think, is the blueprint for every castle.

Although I'm not sure if I want it to be that big in my story.
Another castle I really like is Craigdarroch Castle... Though it is smaller and doesn't have any towers.

I have been to this castle, though not inside. My dad took piano lessons there when he was little (although really, he hid in the bushes until his mom came to pick him up).

Live long and prosper!


  1. I want to go to Germany someday and see all the castles there, they have some of the prettiest ones in the world.

    You are making me very eager for your book, all these little hints you are leaving. *Grin* The more I hear the more I grow to like it.

    I am glad you like book two's title. A lot did, in fact, which made me glad. I guess this means it can stay.

    Saw the E-Lock with the spies in it. I felt bad for the girl...also I'm annoyed with Joan for wanting to leave. Why can't she just admit she loves solving crimes and being with E-Lock even when he can be a pain? Stubborn girl. I saw the title for the clip though! M! He's coming. *Grin*

  2. Hey!! No telling on your dad! You haven't hid in the bushes outside Mangle's house yet, have you?

  3. The first castle looks like the classic Disney castle..In fact I think it IS the one its based off of! I love that castle so much. Its pretty! Plus towers. *nods*

  4. About the piano solo, I am clapping...Play some more! Grama