Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bah Dah Bah Dah.....

Once upon a time I promised you all some choir music from the Christmas semester. Don't worry.... I won't play any Christmas music at the end of January.

That video was for Jessica... Because she was the one who originally told me about the song (because her school's choir did it a couple years ago) which led me to tell my choir director about it. She choose it for the girl's ensemble (hence the limited number of us).

I hope you enjoyed it!

Live long and prosper.


  1. I'm glad that you were able to perform the song! When the choir performed it, I loved it live, though it was in SAB form so to hear it in SSA is pretty cool. (This is SSA, right? Or am I hearing things?)

    1. Yup, it is SSA! You're ears are not deceiving you. =)

  2. The harmonies were beautiful, Abbey! You and your choir group did a great job.
    Also, you are allowed to reprimand me for logging out of my account before commenting on this... *FACEPALM*

  3. The Pink Panther, that made me grin. My dad loves the cartoons.

    Peter Falk is a great actor. I am going to try and find more movies he has been in. I will look for the one you named, since I will at least have a title *Grin*

    Aye. My mum said he had a glass eye, which explained why I thought he was cross eyed. (She wentt and made me feel less clever because I should have caught on to that earlier as I have an uncle with a glass eye.) Still working on my Sherlock skills.

    I have heard the writer of Twilight has a nice style. Kind of old fashioned. Everyone I have talked to said it is sad she didn't write something better because she is very good at writing.

    Aye! You're right. It is annoying when a character is proud and brags about how they keep saving someone. Deryn is just a nice mix. She bragged sometimes I think, but it was more jokingly. Or seemed to be.

    What I did like about Donna was when she was being attacked and remembering, then blacked out. And The Doctor asked the Aliens, "You didn't think I'd leave my best friend witout a defence, did you?" And I almost fell over from glee. His best friend 8-D I just wish she could have heard.

    Columbo is on Netflix. *Nods* There, I helped narrow your search. *Grin*

    And now I am rambling. My brain isn't working tonight.