Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I drew a picture.


This is the big red book on the pedestal in the middle of the room in The Prologue of Defenders of the Realm.
It is called The Old Texts (subtitle: Everything a Wizard needs to know about Valdor, and managing the Realm).
It is a mish-mash of notes from previous Wizards of the Realm and has absolutely everything you ever wanted to know inside. Topics range from the extensive history of Valdor, to recipes on how to bake a wonderful cake. From how to kill an Undead, to what to wear to a Dwarf party (which are terribly hard to get into).

Every Wizard is born with a birthmark, of sorts, on their wrist, of The Old Texts. It is proof that they are going to be the next Wizard of Valdor.

(Sorry it's sideways). I feel no need to explain why that hand is giving you the 'live long and prosper' sign.
So there you have it. Some background information. I'm going to work on some characters now.
Live long and prosper!


  1. ~Wow, this is interesting! You have imagination! Hope you`ll write a book about it soon ^^ and Good luck!

  2. Oh my goodness, how awesome! I love that drawing. And I love how much detail there is to your world. Now I really want to get into a dwarf party. ;D

  3. I need to get my hands on that book. I was invited to a dwarf party, only because they heard about my chest of gold, and I've no idea what to wear. I was thinking a fake beard but doubt they would find that as funny as I do.

    *Does the live long and prosper sign back to the hand.*

    I too, tried to read The first Hunger Games. I made a little ways into it. i tried Twilight once as well, when everyone was claiming it was the best thing since grilled cheese. I got a few pages in and wanted to take a nap. (Something about she moved to a rainy city...and got a truck?) And that took about ten pages. *Blink*

    I think the second half works, mybe when you go to edit it you will be able to figure out what is missing. Usually characters don't say until the editing. They like to watch us ponder.

    I am glad the girl-boy thing worked in HI. (I like how Westerfeld did his as well. And I also liked that Deryn isn't a complete, "I can do everything alone." Sometimes she is like that, but not to the annoying extent as other books I've read. It is more like, "I have to do it or they will catch on that I'm not a boy."

    No, I am still reading many Ways, as well as Bunnymund's guardian book. (Sadly I have even less time to read now. 8-P) I did get to the part where Chairmain tries to make a spell. That was funny.
    Aye, I too have trouble reading books that aren't in book form. I have a Nook which I read from time to time, but I shall always love pages best. And I hate reading on a computer. That might explain some of my dislike for editing.

    The End of Time part two was really good, but I was sad he didn't get to see Donna - I mean really SEE her - one more time. I kept hoping she would get to mostly remember him and they'd get to pick on each other one more time before he became 11.

    Borvil is the best!!! Westerfeld needs to give him is own book.

    Aye, I had a cold, but I am over it now, which is great. Hard to work with a cold.

    How have things been for you?

  4. Hee hee, I am glad I'm not the only one who draws this sort of stuff :p