Friday, January 4, 2013

The most powerful wizard since Amarak.

I have a question to ask you.... Remember the Defenders of the Realm board game I told you about a few blog posts ago? The one that I'm basing a story off of? Well, I need a little help from my friends!
I need a name for the wizard. Everyone else has a name... But the wizard.
This is what he looks like (except with a gray beard and hair [this picture has been taken from BoardGameGeek]):

I've narrowed it down to a few that I like (I kind of stole them from Tolkien... Heh heh....):

and Gerontius (which is actually Old Took's first name, I learned) are in the front running.
My mom liked Aldabert.
Gamwich is also kind of wizardly.
Which is your favorite?

Last month for my piano recital I played C.P.E. Bach's Solfiggietto.
Here it is:

Live long and prosper. 


  1. I like Darzin best for a wizard name.Nice piano playing!! Does the wizard play piano?

  2. I like the names Gerontius and Aldabert. 8-D

    I think you would really like Howl. he can be a bit annoying at times, and yet it is almost impossible not to fall in love with him. I think his magic seeps out of the book...

    I also think you would really like Merlin. It is a wonderful story on friendship, and has a lot of funny bits, and well told story lines.

  3. WOW? That piano music was phenomonal! I am still clapping!
    I would like to listen to that all day long. Maybe you can put some songs on a tape, and we could play and replay it all day. Thanks. You have talent!
    Love, Grama

  4. I like Isenbrick or whatever it was and Dazbert or whatever that was.

  5. I like Gamwich because it sounds like sandwich. Honestly, a wizard with a sandwichy name would be cool.
    Plus I'm kinda hungry right now.

  6. Is he a good wizard or a bad wizard? I like the names Gerontius and Adalbert for a good wizard and Darzin for a bad wizard.