Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have nothing to blog about. Lalalalalaa.....

I have no clean clothes. Yesterday I was forced to wear a Star Trek uniform to voice and piano lessons. And to the bookstore. I didn't mind. Hardly.
Today I found a chain... I put my One Ring on it and pretended I was Frodo all day.
Here's a geeky song to go with what I just said:

Of course I could post the prologue for Defenders of the Realm (which is done but needs to be edited).
Or I could do a book review on To Kill a Mockingbird or Howl's Moving Castle.
Or I could post some of my music... a piano song or a choir song.
Or I could do a post on one or more of my After the Twelfth Night characters....
Which would YOU guys rather have? (Or, what order do you want that stuff up there?)

Live long and prosper!


  1. Defenders of the Realm gets my vote. (You finished it? Already? Way to go!!)

    Ack, I want to see your Star Trek uniform. Do you have the pants too? Boots? (Mine consists of a black skirt, my boots, and either a blue or red tee shirt, depending if I want to spend the day as Spock, McCoy or Scotty. I'm on the hunt for a gold tee shirt.) Sadly, it is hard for me to wear it in the winter - being as tee shirts and below zero weather don't mix.

    Aye, spoilers like to jump out at me. No matter what I do to avoid them they find me. Then I have to live in denail that I know how the things end. It sometimes works, with Merlin though I gave up and sought confirmation.
    Aw, you read the end of books. *Smirk* My mum always thought that was a horrid crime and would have had a heart attack if I'd done it so it is a habit I never picked up on - though few times I wanted to. *Grin* I shan't tell Jessica you peeked.
    To confess though, I did read a summery on Goliath. I wanted to make sure Alec didn't know who Deryn was. I'd never read anything by Scott Westerfeld and had had a bad experience with a young adult book so wanted to make sure nothing happened in these before I bought them. I think I would have hit him if he put anything like that in, because I loved the series.

    My friend and I watch Midnight just for Merlin. Then we go about going, "We're stranded, in the middle of NOWHERE!" In the best mimic of a British accent possible. Mine is sad.
    I know!! Even Merlin's expressions matches Cumberbach! Not to mention his hair in some of the series. (The third, I think, he has it rather short so it looks nothing like Sherlock's. But in the others it is close.)
    They should play brothers sometime, it would be very convincing, then all the geeks would be happy, having Merlin and Sherlock in the same movie.

    At least Mr. Jackson will show us more about Fili and Kili's deaths, more then them just falling over dead. (I always picture him and Tolkien sitting together talking and going, "Why didn't I think of that?")

    It is rather sad, the lack of people who know of Mr. Reeve. I enjoy his work a great deal, and on top of all that he's a very nice fellow. Likely he is more well known in England though.

    Steampunk isn't that well known either, as you pointed out. It was last year, everyone was talking about it, but has kind of fallen by the wayside again. I don't think the Steampunk people mind, they were rather upset when it got well known and everyone was doing their version of it. (I think they rather like being mysterious and loners.)
    Anyhow, I hope you have a nice day!


  2. I'd like some saxaphone music. Grama

  3. I shall trust your mum on that, as I've yet to read the book. (The thickness daunts me. And the small print. But someday...someday I might conquer it!)
    The plays are good, if you get a good one. (If that makes any sense.) I went to two and one was horrible. They put so many bad scenes in it 8-P But it made the movie that much better.

  4. Just do everything all at once and make us all go BAAAAH SO MUCH ABBEEEEEEEY! (Just like that. Yep. *nods*)

  5. Alright. Becca and I found this post on Friday… (I think it was friday) And we watched the Star Trekkin' video. That was bad, very bad, because now it is permanently ingrained in our minds!

    It was so stuck in our heads, when our cousins came over Saturday, we were singing it, and then they wanted to see what that was about, so we watched it again! (and they aren't even Trekkies) :O So, we were cleaning up the kitchen with said cousins after lunch, singing "Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow! Its worse then that, he's dead Jim!" And its all your fault… :D (Just kidding, we won't blame you)

    -Bethany (logged into Becca's account)