Sunday, November 25, 2012

She finally did it.

My friend Jessica and I have been having a friendly write off for NaNoWriMo and she's finally managed to beat my word count... She's about a thousand words ahead of me and though I could still get a thousand words in tonight (since I'm two hours behind her) I won't. :P
(Ok.... Really, you want the pitiful truth? I can't. I can't even squeeze one more word out today. I'm just too tired. You win Jessica! I surrender!)

So you know how last night I posted that I was going to watch Little Dorrit?

Well, we started watching it and I kept expecting the Doctor to pop up because there are THREE people from Doctor Who in it!
Alonso (who is also Baskerville, if you are a Sherlock fan).

Martha Jones.
And Rory Pond!

Mr. Darcy from the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice is also in Little Dorrit.

AND Gollum! AKA Captain Haddock. AKA Andy Serkis one of my favorite actors on this earth.... He is brilliant. He is originally from London England but he is amazing at voice acting! In the Tintin movie he played Captain Haddock as a Scottish gentlemen. Gollum from Lord of the Rings is, of course, a shiveling, gulping stinker. The guy that Serkis plays in Little Dorrit is a French murderer with a very VERY thick French accent. I am very impressed with Andy Serkis' acting.


  1. Great, now I want to see the movie. Rory is in it?! And Alonso?! (This is weird, but I love his ears. They are so cool. I like...ears that stick out for some reason.)
    It took me forever to get that Allons-y, Alonso! Drove me crazy for more then a month I believe.

    I am bad, and I like that Mr. Darcy to the old one. I think this warrants me for a hanging or something.

    Mr. Serkis is an amazing actor. Very talented. He can play some of the oddest characters so well!

    Okay, now I am going for real. Since you have no more posts. *Smirk*

    Allons-y and Bonne Nuit! Mothstorm awaits.

  2. Wow! I'd love to see that one. I also think Andy Serkis is brilliant, though I am sadly underexposed (is that a word) to his work. He made a very excellent Captain Haddock, though :P

    And I've been looking high and low for something else Freema Agyeman is in besides Doctor Who. She's also a favourite of mine. She seems relatively obscure, though, which is a shame because she is fantastic.

  3. YES! I beat you...once. I'm getting my hopes up I can overtake your word count again tonight. Of course, this will be AFTER I go to B&N.

  4. Oh! My sister and I nearly fell out of our chairs when we saw that! We both yelled ROSE and tried to tell the Doctor. He didn't listen.
    I loved that one with Donna. When she is mimicing everything and then sees the Aliens. That was SOOO funny!
    I wonder if Jack was in Pompii that day...they could have run by and said hi. I loved Donna in that one too. "You fought her off with a water pistol? I bloody love you!" Oh yes, and the Sparticus line. I almost died laughing. "I am too." *Snickers*

    I know! They've not even asked the actor who plays Jack to come back. he said he is all ready and if they called he would do it. I think he said he would also do one with Matt Smith if they asked. Jack is one of the favourite companions, like Sarah Jane. This has me slightly worried. If they don't bring him back...who will they bring? He is as popular as Rose...

    Have you seen the Lizzie Bennent Diaries? I like their Mr. Darcy - the first few, two or so, aren't that great but they get much better. And Their Darcy doesn't make weird faces. Did you notice that the first Mr. Darcy doesn't smile at his own wedding? He doesn't until they are leaving the building. My friend and I were watching him intently. One would think he would smile at his own wedding...

    Now I can ask, where are you at in Mothstorm?
    I did okay with the spiders in Larklight, but I'm not sure how I could handle them again. Not that I won't not re-read it. I like Jack a lot in that book - well, I like him in all of them. It is fun to see how he changes. And yes, I love his crew as well! (And Art, Art just cracks me up.) Ssil is one of my favourites as well. I didn't think I would like her, but the more I read about her, the more I do.

    I've seen one of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes. He was very good, close to the book. My favourite of the old Sherlock's is Ronald Howard. Watson is more like Basil's Watson, kind of dense - which is sad - but he's not AS bad. And he and Sherlock are very good friends in it. My dad and I like watching that version together - and the Sherlock in it is slightly quarky, but not as bad as BC.

    And now I should go. I've lots to do and sleep - well, it is nice. *Smirk* And well needed.

    Bonne Nuit!