Monday, November 19, 2012

I should be writing.

After battling blackberries with my youth group yesterday afternoon (we were victorious!) I was so exhausted that I lay on the couch and spent countless hours stealing pictures from people's Pinterest boards (I think I got the above picture from Clair's?). I don't have Pinterest... Never let me get one. I already spend too much time on it without an account.
Anyway, I'm trying to get to 35,000 words tonight. I'm at 34,000 right now but I just wrote something positively brilliant that just has to be shared so here it is:

Cal smiled at them. “While I go talk with Millie – she’s the innkeeper – you two are welcome to wander about and talk with people – you can even dance if you are feelin’ brave!” Cal pointed out a number of people to Daniel and Varina, “Over there is Justin Case our sheriff. And over there playin’ the piano is our oldest livin’ resident, Fun Gus!” Cal winked at Daniel. “You might enjoy talkin’ to Gus. You’re a musical person, I can tell by your hands.” Then Cal walked away leaving Daniel and Varina stared dumbfounded at each other.
“My…. hands?” Daniel asked while Varina grabbed Daniel’s hands and examined them.
“How did he know that? Even I can’t tell that…. You have it wrong Daniel. I’m not like Sherlock Holmes, he is!” Varina exclaimed.

Live long and prosper!


  1. I like it!!!! I like them! They sound like they work well together!!! Very nice job!

    And yes, when the Doctor tells you to write, you should write. *Grin*

  2. I exploded with unattractive laughter as soon as the Justin Case thing hit me. I can be a bit slow about things like that... What a brilliant name for a sheriff.

    I am astounded at your word count. I'm astounded at basically everyone's word count, because right now I am failing and I don;t even think I care. *BORN FREE AS FREE AS THE WIND BLOWS*

  3. It's true, you can tell a musician by their hands if they've been playing long enough ;) My hands aren't there yet, but take one look at my grandpa's and you can tell he's been pounding away at all sorts of instruments for half a century :p

    Awesome job with your word count!