Saturday, November 17, 2012

It approacheth


What are YOU doing to prepare?

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  1. *Jumps up and down.* I am beyond excited now. It seemed so far away, and now it is less then a month, and Martin Freeman makes such a grand hobbit. I am VERY VERY excited!!!

    True, in the books it was easier to explain how Sherlock died. Because he actually died, and Watson wasn't there to see any of it. BBC had to kill him, without actually killing him. Doyle would have had the same trouble if he'd shoved him off a building instead of a waterfall. I think Moffat was like, "Oh yeah! See how clever I am? I can make him jump and STILL bring him back to life!" Or, more likely he was going, "Haha, Sherlock fans. Let me mess with your heads."

    I am on chapter two of Mothstorm. Or three...yes, three. I could read it very fast, but it is the last one, and I don't wish it to end, so I am taking my time. But, I must admit, I liked Starcross better then Larklight. Only because Starcross had no spiders...(It wouldn't have been so bad, but it had SPIDER pictures. When I re-read it I might have to get some paper and cover them all up..)
    I agree, the characters are VERY alive. I love Art. He is just wonderful. He's one of my top favourite characters.

    Now that you mentioned the Balloon Man, I am in agreement. He does seem a likely candidate for Moriarty. I think he would make a rather good one.
    Maybe it is because I am a withdrawn person myself, but I can't stand it when people pressure others to talk of their emotions. Sometimes I want to throw something at Joan. She drove me insane with the Irene thing.
    Aye, I agree. Even though Irene is "dead" I have a feeling she will be about somewhere. After all, dead in movies, doesn't mean all dead. *Eyes Sherlock*
    I believe Joan will leave as well. I wonder if that will be some kind of end of the season thing. Or if Irene will show up on his doorstep then. They will have to work something out though, if they wish to keep Joan after her time with him is up. Oh but if he "dies" too I've a feeling she won't be as forgiving as Watson, and I don't think he's going to be all that forgiving.

    The Master is my favourite bad guy. I guess because he is like a bad Doctor. What the Doctor can become if he allows himself, or if he stops caring about others. (Sometimes his Master side can be seen, until his friends pull him back. Maybe it is a Time Lord trait.)
    Captain Jack as Boe, I laughed so hard. (I guess when he read the script, DT hadn't yet and he called him but couldn't tell him because he wasn't that far. So when DT read it, he called him back and they laughed over it.) I like Captain Jack as well. Sadly, they don't plan to have him in the 50th, which I think everyone is sad about. He was a fun character, I especially liked him with Nine and Rose.

    And now, I should be off. It is late.