Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 2.

My word count for today in 3,144 words... I only got about 1,000 words written today. I hope to get at least 2,000 if not 3 written tomorrow.
Today was a veeery long day. Starting with schoolwork, and then to my friend's house for literature class and then to choir, which is from 2:45-4:45. Then back to drop my friends off... Then we had to run to a number of stores. We didn't get home until about 7:40. Then was a science experiment and dinner.... So I didn't start writing until 8.
Tomorrow I will have the morning to write. Then I'm going to church until four... Then some more writing. Then saxophone lessons. Then home again. And then? DOCTOR WHO! A double episode about the Daleks... They just don't die, do they? The evil things... And the poor Doctor just loses everything to them.

By the way... Did you guys hear that Disney bought Lucasfilm (and Star Wars) from George Lucas? I am very angry at this. Perhaps I will talk more about it when I'm more awake....

Snow White and the Seven Jawas....

Live long and prosper.


  1. Is that what those things are called? xD Actually I'd watch that...

  2. You've been very busy. I hope your brain doesn't stop working.

    My photographer almost cried when he heard about Star Wars. I'm not very excited over the news either.

    I hope they get a new subject in E-lock as well. I realized in Monk most of those are murder mysteries, but they weren't repetitive like these. I don't know, it just seems like they are using one or two basic plots. I want something more complex and new. Like the balloon kid. That had an interesting twist to it.

    Someone told me about the coloured Congo. I am hoping to find it someday, but I think it might be hard. That, the very first one, and Alpha Art seem very hard to find.

    There are a good many Tintin books set in the desert. I wonder if Huge like sand...

    Oh yes! Jamie Bell said he used to wake up on Saturdays and watch the old TV shows. When I found out he liked Tintin so much I was very glad they asked him to be in the movie. I like it best when fans and geeks play parts like that because they do them better. They like the character and will take the time to do it well. Which is why I want to see Mr. Jackson's Tintin!!! He could put the third Hobbit back a year....

    Oh my! You are right! Cumberbatch or Tennant would be great for Calculas! They have the right kind of quarkiness. (They should announce his actor soon and be kind to us.)

    Thank you for letting me know about the short story collection 8-D (It helps to know what readers might like.) I'm thinking of publishing it the middle of this month sometime.

    I hope NaNo goes well for you!