Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Place Like Holmes: A review.

Title: No Place Like Holmes.

Author: Jason Lethcoe.

Synopsis: Griffin Sharpe is sent by his parents in Boston to spend the summer in London with his uncle who is an eccentric inventor who lives in 221A Baker Street, underneath the great detective Sherlock Holmes.
Griffin's uncle, who also happens to be a consulting detective who never gets work, hates his more popular neighbor.
When Griffin brings his uncle a case about a missing man who supposedly got eaten by the Loch Nes Monster, his uncle is grateful and the two go on an adventure together.

My rating: 8/10.

Why I liked the story: I was expecting the story to be set in modern days but instead I was pleasantly surprised to find out it took place in the early 1900's!
I loved Griffin's faith in God - how it was part of the story but not overwhelming.
Lots of fun twists that aren't expected!
Griffin's uncle's feud with Sherlock Holmes is great. I love the part where he bangs on the ceiling when Holmes is playing violin.
An interesting plot! The author gave me just enough information to keep me reading but not enough for me to guess the whole plot.
LOVED the part with the train things.... I may have stolen the idea for my NaNoWriMo novel....

Why I didn't like the story: The biggest fault that I had with this book is that it was poorly written at times.... The author seemed to be trying too hard to write instead of just letting the words flow.
Also, his plot was almost - not quite - too unbelievable. It just seemed stretched... There were lots of little subplots that had to do with the big picture but some of the motives just didn't seem realistic.

Will I read it again? Yes! I own it after all.

Would I recommend this book? Despite the plot faults, I would definitely recommend this book! It's very good and I enjoyed it immensely. Just don't go in thinking it will be the best book in the world and you will have fun with it.

Live long and prosper!


  1. Okay, so I just watched the next E-Lock.I liked that plot best out of all the others so far. I hope the plots keep getting better. (And I am pleased because I FINALLY guessed the bad guys before E-Lock. Best part of mystery shows, trying to figure it out first.)

    It makes me even more scared of hospitables though. Now I know of even more places murderers hang out...I knew it. If I ever go for surgery I'm going to do a massive back ground check on the doctors. "Wait, one moment. Are you a murderer? *Raises eyebrows.*"

    I like your book buying idea. Makes me wish I could come to Canada with you. And putting a book under the Christmas tree? Great idea! I want to do that. (Opening a book on Christmas morning sounds like such fun and so old fashioned.)

    As for Clair's drawing...I KNOW!!!! Every time she sends me one I am blown away. I can't believe I get drawings like that in my book.

    And the Master...He is like an insane Moriarty. Have you seen the Simon Pegg Master or the blond one?

    I wonder what E-Lock's Moriarty will be like...

  2. This book sounds good. I might have to read it if I ever come upon it. I know of another, somewhat like this, which you might like. It is called The Steampunk Detective. It is kind of a take on Holmes, only the detective is a man named Doyle and his Watson is an orphan boy named Jake. Very interesting take, and the story was exciting and a lot of fun. Sadly, though it is only in ebook form 8-( But it is only a dollar, which helps.