Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An update.

My wordcount in now somewhere upwards of 12,400!
And I finally got a summary and excerpt up on the NaNoWriMo website....

The year is 2022 and Daniel Adams - the best code breaker in the world - is sent to America by the British Federal Intrigue to aid in a super secret mission: Get an audience with GiGi Knight and find the security code that unlocks the door to Liberace's museum before The Wolf's evil minions.
“That building is the headquarters for Bumpits,” Varina explained as they walked down the crowded sidewalk.
“You have got to be kidding me,” Daniel said. “They have headquarters?”
“Yes. We bought the Bumpits Company so we could build our secret tunnels underneath to our headquarters building.”
“You’re crazy.” Daniel shook his head and hid a smile.
“Well it worked didn’t it? You would never guess that under the Bumpit Company was really a secret organization!” Varina whispered the last two words and glanced around as if she suspected enemy ears to be listening in.
Favorite line thus far:
"Pride comes before the fall Mr. Adams, we are not James Bond."
Remember a few blog posts ago I mentioned the book "No Place Like Holmes"? I finished reading it. But I'm not going to do a review on it quite yet.
Live long and prosper!


  1. Oh, wow! I love it! "We are not James Bond." I love that.

    I can't wait to read your review of No Place Like Holmes. I definitely think I'm going to buy it.

    And again, wow! Congrats on your wordcount -- that's fabulous! You're way ahead of me.

  2. "We are not James Bond." Or so you THINK! According to a girl in my LA class, you might be. *wiggles fingers* Conspiracy!!! :p

  3. I like you're "We are not James Bond," line! That was funny!

    This is just a half comment because I watched the E-Lock with the plane. I liked the plot in that one. Though, in shows, they really need to stop assuming who the murderer is in the first five minutes because then we know who it isn't.
    I did find out what annoys me so much with Joan, I mean aside from her being too observant too soon. I don't like who she is trying to change E-Lock. (Yes, he needs some changes, but she wants him to turn all sappy and feelingly. Watson on the other hand accepted Sherlock's oddities and was his friend in spite of them. Joan is like, "I won't be your friend until you become a normal human being.") And her, "How does that make you feel? Tell me about your past you cold hearted man!" can get annoying after awhile. Then again, it is just another reminder she ISN'T Watson, so that isn't too bad.

    I was wondering how long it would be before Irene showed up. I bet they won't show her until like the season finale or something. She is probably someone who came to him with a case and he muffed it, or she outsmarted him, like in the books and his E-Lock pride couldn't take it so he sulked and did drugs. (Do you have any theories?)
    I kind of wished they had kept his brother instead of his father. It makes him too...much like every other person in the movies. "My dad lied to me and wasn't there for me and now I don't like him." I wonder if that is the America fall back...

    I am curious though. Do Americans call people by their last names? I thought it was all first. I am surprised it is America who is calling him Holmes and Britain calling him Sherlock. And do Brits call their dad's dad? I thought it was father...

    Anyhow...I am REALLY starting to like Bell. He is cool, and kind of has a sense of humor I think. A kind of evil one I suppose. To bad guys. "Oh, tell us more about this man you claimed not to know." If they keep Bell around I shall be happy.

    And there are my thoughts on it. I am one behind, so I have yet to see if he answers Joan after that dramatic Irene pause. (I wonder if she is his sister...)

  4. There is a drug, I've heard it is real but I need to check, which a person can take which slows the heart beat and pulse. I believe Sherlock took this, and then had someone hit Watson, so that by the time he reached Sherlock he was so discombobulated and grieved he had no chance of telling that he still lived. (That scarf is really bugging me though.)

    The cover did get on my nerves sometimes. I am glad it is over with and I don't have to think about covers for a little while.

    Oh, Blink is one of the best! I love Sally. She was wonderful! And even that geeky guy. At first I thought he was a bit odd until I realized his geekiness was much like us Doctor Who fans. After all, after he said, "The Angels Have The Phone Box. That is my favourite line. I have it on a tee shirt." What did the Doctor Who geeks do but make tee shirts with that saying?
    Have you seen the next one yet? I think that is the one with the Master...

    Yes, hopefully - if my friend still is going with me - I will be seeing The Hobbit on opening night. Ug! That is sad you can't go till the 15th! We need to live closer. After we see it we should compare notes.
    After seeing the Fall I know I'm going to want to shout, "WATSON! Sherlock Lives!!!"
    That should be a new saying, like the Coulson Lives one...