Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing, writing, writing, procrastination, writing, and music.

This week I have been helping out at my church's VBS. The theme is Christmas In July. I am the song leader, while Mom accompanies me and the kids on piano.
All I can say is WOW. I love little kids... But trying to get 65 of them to all calm down enough to listen to you while you try to teach them a song is HARD! Dad says, "It's good practice for when you get older and are a worship team leader!" I replied by saying, "Yeah... sure Dad. But when I'm a worship team leader I won't be saying, 'ok guys, calm down now! I'm gonna teach you a song. I'm gonna sing a line and you repeat after me!'" At least I hope I won't be doing that....
Anyway, VBS has been tiring me out completely but it's SO fun! We have theme days. Tonight's theme is "favorite hat" (Grama, I'm wearing a red W+R Financial Services hat!).

I have taken a challenge from Jake at Teenage Writer (I'm too lazy to get the link.... If you go to my profile you can find his blog - which is full of great authorly advice and tips!) to finish a novel by August 15th.
I have been writing, writing, writing the past week! I have managed about 7,000 words since accepting the challenge and I finally got my characters off the island they've been stuck on for the past few months (both in the fictional timeline and the real timeline)! I am very happy with myself! The island scenes were the ones that needed the most re-writing. Now I move onto the castle scene and the climax.... Which also needs heavy re-writing to make the characters seem more diabolical and the plot not so rushed (hey, it was the end of NaNoWriMo, I was trying to cram everything in). Also, I have re-write this whole sub-plot thingy because I killed one of the characters that was going to be in it... Heh heh. I think he may have a replacement, though. I can't quite decide... I have this one character who is constantly worrying about everything. He has no home and family to go now that he is off the island, so should he stick with my main characters or should I just drop him off somewhere and never mention him again? I feel like that wouldn't be very nice, so I have a feeling he'll be sticking around for awhile... You are lucky William The Worrier.

While writing, I have mostly been listening to the Master and Commander movie soundtrack. I absolutely LOVE the music from that movie! It's so.... oceany! Which is perfect because my novel takes place on land, on a boat, on an island, on a boat, and on land! It's great music to novel by.

Today I have been very distracted from my writing, though. I started the day out by watching some Veggietales (who can go wrong with Veggietales??) and then I did some writing... then watched some more Veggietales... some writing.... some American Girl videos (go girloftheyearstudios!).... writing..... And then my friend called and we got talking about Warriors and How It Should Have Ended. I was telling her about How Tangled Should Have Ended.

So there you have it.... writing, procrastination, and music.... And it all combines to make a totally random blog post!

But it's not over yet....

BBC Sherlock was nominated for 13 Emmy awards! I may just have to watch the Emmy's this year.... I hope Benedict Cumberbatch wins something. I don't think he's ever won something for his performance as Sherlock Holmes and he totally deserves it as he is an incredible actor.
Speaking of... It's Benedict Cumberbatch's birthday today! He is 36. Happy birthday to one of my favorite actors!

Last night my mom and I started watching Cranford, a period drama set in the 1840's or 50's sometime. The industrial revolution is hitting England and the small, unchanged town of Cranford - run by the local ladies - is facing big changes, such as the impending railroad which is set to run just a few miles away from their town.
It's great so far! If you like period dramas, this one is a good one to watch. The characters are lovable (although not as well developed as some in Jane Austin's novels, I find) and I am looking forwards to finding out what happens tonight!

I should probably get back to writing now... So goodbye and happy writing! Or re-writing.... Or editing... Or whatever you happen to be doing right now whether it has anything to do with writing or not. And please pray that I survive the rest of VBS. =)

P.S. Mom signed me up for a driving class!! It starts in September and runs 8 weeks. Scary!


  1. Hello, I'm back 8-D I did a fast review of your posts. That Sherlock picture of him going, "A clue!" made me laugh 8-D Oh and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sings the song from The Empoper's New Groove.*

    Thanks for voting on the pictures 8-DI am glad you like Singur and Darcy 8-D I loved how they turned out.

  2. Hehehe Have fun with the crazy children!

    I saw that post! There's no way I could do that considering I'm currently in a mental civil war over my WIP, but it sounds like a fun challenge! And yay for getting characters off the island!

    LOL I love HISHE!