Saturday, July 7, 2012

The One where we DON'T burn the house down.

To thank my mom for driving practically ALL the way to the east coast and back ON. HER. OWN! my dad and I cooked her a meal. =)
While in Colonial Williamsburg, my mom wanted to try out one of their restaurants. Unfortunately, 1 mean would have cost somewhere around $40 or $50.... So we left.
I happen to have this cookbook:

As those of you American Girl Doll fans will know, Felicity is from Colonial Williamsburg 1774.
Perfect! So my dad and I made my mom and invitation a week ago and have been planning our meal since.

I was kind of worried because this is my first time cooking an actual meal. And although my dad cooks..... it doesn't go much beyond Ramen noodles with lettuce in it, casadillas, soup, and bagels.
I was kind of afraid we would burn the house down. :P

Anyway, our meal consisted of:
Chicken pudding (chicken breasts with batter poured over top).
Sweet potatoes and apples (a layer of cooked sweet potato, a layer of apple, a layer of sweet potato, a layer of apple, drizzled with butter and maple syrup).
Green beans (green beans with cream mixed in).
Whipped syllabub (a whipped 'drink'. It was more like desert because it was so thick. Basically you mix heavy cream and fresh fruit juice together).
And for desert, raspberry flummery. But because we were all so full, the flummery will have to wait until tomorrow! (Basically it is like a raspberry sauce).

The finished product:

It was all very good and Mom enjoyed it to! She said, "I think you should do this once a month!"

Dad and I cooked a meal on our own and did not burn the house down.

Mission accomplished.

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