Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Party!

My party yesterday was great! As I said before, I only had two friends and their families (brothers, moms, dads, and dogs) over. They've been my homeschool buddies for 8 years and we've been in co-ops practically that whole time together. We had been planning to get together sometime in April to watch the Tintin movie (because my friend hadn't seen it yet) but that kind of fell through.... So I decided to have a Tintin birthday party with them to play games, eat food, and watch the movie!

On Wednesday night my dad and I hurriedly made some pictures to decorate the house with.
Here is what I came up with:

My dad drew this one and I colored it in:

This is a picture I drew in 2010 that we hung up:

And one that I drew last year that we hung above the TV:

The first sight that people saw when they walked in, was this:

Nestor-doll greets you, with Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock.

In the background, all my Tintin books:

And Snowy (a beanie baby) with the XFLR-6 rocket:

We played Apples to Apples and Monopoly. Then it was time for dinner! Yummy bacon-cheeseburger pie (thanks for the recipe Grama! Everyone loved it!), potato salad, corn on the cob, and fruit!
Then the movie!

My friends liked the movie!
Then the cake!! My mom really outdid herself this year. Nearly every year for my birthday I have had a cake, made by my mother, that has some sort of shape to it. I've had a Daddy cake before and a Bichon cake. This year, I asked for a Tintin cake. This is what Mom came up with:

Isn't my mother amazing???!!
First, she baked a rectangle cake, then my dad drew Tintin on a thin piece of paper, mom cut out the face from the paper, stuck it on the cake, and cut out Tintin's face! This is definitely the best looking birthday cake I've ever had! It tasted pretty good too, =D The frosting was made with food coloring mixed to make the different colors.
I got to eat Tintin's quiff!!

Slowly, piece by piece, he disappeared....

One lucky guest got to eat Tintin's ear. Van Gogh anyone?

The dogs had fun as well.

Rosey and Davie love to play with the fox toy, while poor, destructive, lovable, lab puppy had to stay in the backyard.

A day full of family, friends, and fun. Not to mention Tintin! Now that's my kind of party!


  1. Your mother IS amazing!! (Moms tend to be so!)

    Glad you had an awesome birthday party!