Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin special features.

For those who don't own the blu-ray copy of the Adventures of Tintin, here are some short synopsis' of the special features:
(Although first I'm going to rant a bit and ask in a frustrated voice... why oh WHY didn't they put special features on the regular DVD's??? It's so annoying when that happens! I dread The Hobbit coming out on DVD for that reason.... Because they will put the special features on the Blu-ray copy and then they will come out with the special extended version and we'll all have to re-buy The Hobbit! Those marketing people are playing with our minds! And we're falling for it!
I'm done.)

Toasting Tintin: Part 1- Steven Speilberg, Peter Jackson, and the people of Tintin toasting the beginning of the production. Steven Speilberg reads a touching letter from Fanny, Herge's widow.

The Journey of Tintin- About how Speilberg found out about Tintin for the first time while filming Raiders of the Lost Ark and how he has retained the Tintin movie rights since 1983. How he called up Peter Jackson and asked if he would like to help with Tintin. Basically about the journey of how the Tintin film first came to be, and a bit about the books as well, I believe (I watched all "Over 90 minutes of special features!" in one pull so I may not remember exactly which ones are which....).

The World of Tintin- How they changed the book world into the movie world, I believe.

The Who's Who of Tintin- About the characters of Tintin and the actors who portrayed them. They even talk about Tom, Allan's sidekick guy! Did you know he is played by the pirate in Pirates of the Carrabean who always looses his fake eyeball? They also talk about the pilots from the seaplane that Tintin shoots down.... Probably because one of them was played by Westley from The Princess Bride! I liked this special feature but I wish they had talked a bit more about the woman who played Castafoire.... She's a professional oprah singer, not an actress, but they could have included her more.

Tintin: Conceptual Design- About the design of Tintin.... The animation and stuff. And the minatures they used.

Tintin: In the Volume- This is all about "the volume" which is the place where all the preformance capture is done! Once you step inside the box, with the funny suit with dots on, you are in "the volume." This is a pretty cool feature! The preformance capture just blows my mind.

Snow: From beginning to end- I love this feature. It starts out with the guy who plays Ben Salaad saying,"It's Milou, please, it's Milou! Not Snowy, Milou!" It also ends with this, which I think is hilariously sad in a funny way.
This feature is all about Snowy. From how they decided not to do a real dog, to how they did the first test of Snowy, to how they animated him to how they had a prop guy running around with a wire dog in "the volume." It's a great feature!

Animating Tintin- All about the animation of Tintin! Wow, it was impressive.... 1 frame of Tintin, took 4-5 hours to animate. There are 24 frames a second. The movie is about 110 minutes long. That's a LONG time to animate! They put so much into this movie... It really shows.

Tintin: The Score- All about John Williams score! It's pretty cool. He talks about how he wrote some of the music before the animation was done so, like the old movies, they could match the action with the music. Next time I watch the movie, I will have to see if some of the music ebbs and flows with some of the action.
P.S. John Williams is the man. If you don't know what that is, you need to watch this video NOW.

Collecting Tintin- A short clip on some of the collectors statue thingies for Tintin.

Toasting Tintin: Part 2- The movie has finished! Peter Jackson calls in from New Zeland and Steven Spielberg and the Tintin people toast the finished project.

And there are the special features. They are all very good and I say that if you can get a hold of them, watch them! I loved how they talked a lot about the books and how they influenced the movie. You can really tell that they wanted to honor the books and Herge. All those Tintin-movie-haters need to watch the special features. ;)

Perhaps I will do a more in-depth post on the special features when I watch them again...... Hee hee.

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