Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet Linda.

Today for my (actual) birthday, my parents and I went out to eat at the American Girl Doll bistro.
I got a doll.
My last.
I know... I say that every time. But this time I mean it.
I have wanted this doll since 2005. As far as I can remember, she has been the doll I have wanted the longest (except for Kaya, but since I have Kaya now, she doesn't count).
Originally I had planned to get this doll (because I also used to want her when I was younger) :

But then I saw the doll I got and remembered how much I loved her. Plus I had a PERFECT name picked out for her! Linda.
She is named after Linda McCartney. As my friends may know, I have been increasingly more and more fond of the Beatles since my friend Jen introduced me to them. My favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney and the more interviews I watched of him or the more things I learned about him, the more I thought he was a pretty cool guy. And his wife Linda is pretty cool to! So, my doll is named after Linda McCartney.
But that's not all. She's also named after Rose, the 9th Doctor's companion (1, because I have a new found love in the show. And 2, because Rose goes really well with the name Linda!). Her third name is Meagan because that is what I was originally going to name her. Her last name is Cohan after George M. Cohan, the vaudeville child star and "America's first actor." He wrote THE song of World War 1, Over There. He wrote hit Broadway musicals and songs from 1904-1925ish.

So, I present to you, Linda Rose Meagan Cohan.

The outfit is new as well! The Weekend Fun Outfit. I also got Kit's Reporter Accessories because Linda is a photographer, just like her namesake.
Linda also loves animals and is very sweet in spirit. She is good friends with Kirsten Larson.

And there you have it. My last doll.

Linda Rose Meagan Cohan.

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