Saturday, July 21, 2012

"I am leaving. I am going now. Goodbye!"

Our apple tree is nearly falling over because of the weight of apples it carries. The branches are being held up by sticks.

Some info on my new doll.... Linda is from England. She is the cousin of Kit (because I realized how similar their face molds are!) and has come to live in the United States. She is very artsy and, well, English! She loves musicals and she loves to sing. She loves to draw and she loves animals. Her passion is photography and she wishes to be a professional photographer when she grows up. She loves old movies, especially musicals. She is a huge fan of The Beatles and Paul McCartney. And also of Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson.
Kit and Linda: cousins.

And now the reason for this post. I'm going away. Not forever. I certainly won't be disappearing by ring anytime soon..... My family and I go on a yearly camping adventure with friends to see whales. Yes whales. This excursion will start Monday and since we'll be camping, I won't have access to a computer.
The day after we get back, my youth group is going to a conference and I will be without computer there as well! I will be back on either August 4th or 5th. Talk to you then!

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