Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Top Doctor Who episodes (that I have seen).

Here are my favorite Doctor Who episodes done Top Tuesdays style!

12. Time Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.

These were the first episodes that I really connected with the Eleventh Doctor. I didn't really like the first three episodes of the fifth series but when this double episode came around, I really started to enjoy the Eleventh Doctor. This is also the episode to feature the comfy chairs!

And also the episode with the Doctor's magic disappearing jacket that shows up in the next episode....


Plus it's got freaky Weeping Angels. What's not to love?

11. Dalek.


This is one of the first episodes with Rose and Nine.... It has great character development, the first Dalek of the new series, and a cool underground museum.

10. Vincent and the Doctor.

I loved this episode. After going to a Vincent Van Gogh art exhibit with Amy, the Doctor sees a monster in the window of one of the paintings - a monster that shouldn't be there. So he and Amy board the TARDIS and go back in time to see why Vincent painted the monster in there.
They find a poor, disheveled man whose paintings are seen as rubbish. Oh yeah, and everything thinks he's crazy because he gets attacked an invisible monster thing.
I loved this episode. I think it's really, really good. Also funny. The only thing I didn't like was what happened to the monster.... That was sad.
The end was wonderful, though! Amy and the Doctor take Vincent into the future and show him an art exhibit showcasing only his work. They ask the tour guide if Vincent was a good painter and the guide goes on and on about how brilliant Vincent was. Vincent, who is standing right there, cries and thanks the Doctor. Amy is sad to find out that, though he is much happier, he still commits suicide in the near future.
I loved the character of Vincent. My only problem with him was that he didn't have a Dutch accent!

9. The Christmas Invasion.

The Doctor has just regenerated but something has gone wrong. After crash landing the TARDIS in present day London, near Rose's mother's house, he passes out and doesn't wake up.
Rose, Jackie, and Mickey take him to Jackie's home and Rose has a mini-breakdown. What happened to HER Doctor? Was he still the same man?
It's Christmastime and Rose goes shopping with Mickey... only to be attacked by robot Santa's! They go back to Jackie's apartment and are then attacked by their Christmas tree!

This episode gets a bonus for having a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference in it. Also for the "not ginger" and "this hand is a fighting hand!" quote. Also for having probably my favorite Doctor Who scene ever.... Which, sadly, I can't find to put on my blog.
"I demand to know who you are!"
8. The Unicorn and the Wasp.
A lot of people don't like this episode because.... well, the whole wasp thing is kind of stupid. Basically, a lady fell in love with an alien wasp and they had a baby - who was also an alien wasp disguising himself as a preacher. Then the wasp goes around killing people and Agatha Christie, the Doctor, and Donna have to figure out who keeps committing the murders. Of course, it isn't easy because (as with all of Agatha Christie's works) there are many, many suspects that all have secrets.
I love this episode because of the mystery and because it is set in the roaring twenties! I love that time period. The outfits were super cool and jazz was just starting to become prevalent. George M. Cohan was still preforming and producing on broadway. George Gershwin was composing...
This episode also got me interested in Agatha Christie and for that, I am thankful, because I really enjoy her books!
(It also has a hilarious scene where the Doctor is trying to expel poison from his system and he's miming to Donna and she's trying to guess what he means and she can't get it.... It's hysterical).
7. School Reunion.
This episode features the return of Sarah Jane - the 3rd/4th Doctor's companion and K-9, her robotic pooch!
Also, the return of Mickey, who figures out that he's the "tin dog" of the group - always called upon when needed and then disregarded when not needed. He determines to set out to change that (and ends up with a seat on the TARDIS!)
I really enjoyed this episode because it had Sarah Jane and K-9 in it.... and weird bat creatures. And the Doctor pretended to be a school teacher (I love when he does that). This episode has humor and an explosion. It is a very nice, nostalgic episode. It is sad that the lady who played Sarah Jane died last year.
6. Blink.
Need I say more?
I guess so.
This episode is brilliant. It is very timey wimey (this is the episode where we first get to hear that phrase, isn't it?) and doesn't really feature the Doctor and Martha at all.... It is the introduction to the Weeping Angels and it is VERY creepy. It's like something out of Alfred Hitchcock, and it is Steven Moffat at his best.
It's just so cool! I need to get it from Netflix again and re-watch it.
5. Gridlock.
In one of the first Martha episodes, she is kidnapped and taken on the motorway in New New York (well, actually it's New New New New New New New New New New New New New (give or take a few) York).
The only trouble is, the motorway just keep going round and round and no one ever gets out. And if you are granted permission to go into the fast lane, you are eaten by giant crabs.
The perpetual traffic jam.
I love this episode because of the cat family (pictured above with David Tennant... They have a bunch of adorable kittens).
Also because of the scene where the Doctor drops through a bunch of cars to try and find Martha. It's interesting to see who is all on the freeway.
There are a couple of bad things about this episode though.... namely the short shot of a couple driving their car naked (nothing is shown) as the Doctor drops by. Also a gay elderly couple.
All in all, it is a very interesting episode and an interesting concept - stuck in a small car for years and years and years. The family of cats was on the road for 12 years!
Also, the Face of Boe makes his final (?) appearance. He dies and it is sad... He also gives the Doctor a final message: you are not alone.
4. The Idiot's Lantern.
The Doctor rides a moped, Rose wears a snazzy dress, and people all over London are getting their faces sucked off by their TV's.
I love this episode. It was immediately one of my favorites and I can't even say why. Maybe it was the time period it was set in (the '50's? Somewhere around there) or maybe it was the way the Doctor was all protective over Rose... Or maybe it was the way he stood up to that guy who was yelling at his wife. The Doctor also quoted Mary Poppins so that was kind of cool...
3. Let's Kill Hitler.
The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song go back in time to 1930's Germany, when Hitler was in power and the first World War about to start. We get to find out more of River Song's past and there is an epic spaceship thing that disguises itself as humans and shrinks people to fit inside.
I love the flashback of River growing up with Amy and Rory... It's so cute!
And the antibodies which are inside the spaceship thing are some of the coolest machines in Doctor Who! They are somewhat sinister as their main purpose is to kill unwanted guests.... But it's kind of funny at how they go about killing people. "You will feel a slight tingling sensation and then death. It is normal to experience fear while being disintegrated." That sort of thing.
2. Partners in Crime.

Because of the above part. BRILLIANT! I love it. And that poor lady stays tied to a chair the whole episode. xD She's not too happy. I love how the Doctor and Donna keep crossing each other and missing each other for the first half of the episode leading to their brilliant meeting.
And, drumroll..... NUMERO UNO!
1. The Doctor Dances (and, I suppose, The Empty Child, which goes along with it).
(Caution: spoilers)
One of my favorite TV show episodes EVER!
It has humor, character development, WWII, Glenn Miller.... And we get to meet Captain Jack Harkness and his super cool coat. Also has one of my favorite scenes....
And now I shall end because I really did not mean to go on and on and talk about Doctor Who for a loooong time. I guess I just thought you guys deserved a real "Top Tuesdays" 'cause the last few have been kind of wimpy.
Live long and prosper.


  1. You picked so many of my favourites!!!

    I love Time of the Angels too! And River in that one. "Do you trust this man?" "With my life." "So he's not some kind of mad man?" "I trust him with my life." And the angels are so creepy!

    Vincent and the Doctor is one of the best ever made. It was sweet and sad and wonderful. It was just SO well done!!

    And The Christmas Invasion...I probably asked this, but what is the Hitchhiker's reference? Also, I loved The Lion King quote. And the Star Wars thing, though awkward and corny, was rather funny.
    "I'm going to be killed by a Christmas tree!" Jackie was so cool in that one.

    Ohohohohoh!!! The Unicorn and The Wasp is one of my top favourites!! I can't believe many don't like it!!! I LOVE it! It is so funny, with the poison scene, and I loved the mystery plot and Agatha Christie and everything about it!!

    School Reunion made me want to find all the old ones with Sarah Jane and K9 because she's sooo cool. And it had Arthur's dad in it from Merlin.

    And Blink. Sally Sparrow is one of the best non-companions ever!! That episode was brilliant!!

    The Idiot's Lantern was also wonderful. I loved the Psyic paper part. That was funny. And Let's Kill Hitler...one of the best ever!! Rory was really cool in that one. And I love the Star Trek miniaturized cross people. (But, wasn't set in WWII though? Because Hitler didn't come to power until the 40's...at least, I think. I might be off.)

    And lastly Partner's in Crime with the wonderful reunion between the Doctor and Donna and The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. Those last two, I don't think I've found any which in my mind surpasses them. They were amazing. Creepy and funny with brilliant characters and a Star Trek reference and one of the sweetest endings to ever occur in the history of Doctor Who. It was soooo well done!!!

    Now to answer your comment. I think you'd like North and South. It is a good time period movie.

    And the ending of House of Many Ways...YES!!! I looooved it!!!! Just as much as Howl's Moving Castle!! But the part where Howl switches places with his son, that was too funny!! And him wishing to go back being a little boy, I'm surprised Sophie hadn't strangled him by then. They are so wonderful together! It makes me wish there were more books about them. (And I wouldn't mind Chairmain and Peter being in a few more as well. I became VERY fond of those two and would have loved to get to know Wizard Norland better. Yet, though I thought it was very grand Peter would get to be king someday I still have a hard time picturing him as a king.)

    I wouldn't be the least surprised if Singur time traveled and visited other stories. I shall have to keep a better eye on him.

    You're right, The Savage Curtain is close to the end of season three. I'll have to hurry and get there. Right now I'm on the OK Corral one. (With Chekov and the girl. "But, Captain, you told us to be friendly to people on other planets.")

  2. As someone who has never seen an episode....yay?