Friday, April 12, 2013

More random rambles.

Today and last week a girl from choir came in wearing a fez with a sonic screwdriver in her pocket. Last week it was Nine/Ten's and this week it was Eleven's. I didn't have a chance to go up to her last week and comment on them because we had to leave early... But today I did comment.
Me: What, in the name of sanity, have you got on your head?
Her: *short pause* It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
And then I walked away.
It was epic.

Now I'm trying desperately to get my word count up to 24,000.... I decided to bump my word count goal up to 60,000 words instead of 50,000.... My reason? I didn't introduce my plot until 21,600 words. And there's a lot of plot to cover. So I think I shall have to go with 60,000 words... which means I am currently behind instead of ahead. Who knows, though. Maybe my plot will be shorter... maybe it will only be 50,000 words.... Either way, I'm trying to write. A. LOT.
Luckily tomorrow is the first ever NaNoWriMo marathon! Writing from 10AM-6PM. I'm going to try get to 30,000 words by the end of it. Not that I'll be writing the whole time.... I'll also do some editing for Jessica and I'll have to practice piano and voice. My friend's church is also having a banquet in the evening that I'm attending.
Anyway, it shall be fun. I'm happy that it fell on one of my free Saturdays! Unusually, this year, almost every single one of my Saturdays has been full... I miss having a day to myself.

I am at 23,400ish words now and am stopping. I just can't write anymore tonight.... Especially since I just came up with a writing schedule for the next few months because I am DETERMINED to publish After the Twelfth Night this year. Perhaps I'll post it here tomorrow or Sunday so you guys can keep me responsible.

Live long and prosper!


  1. Woohoo, go Streaky! A writing marathon tomorrow, you say? If I didn't have blasted math homework, I'd probably do it too to get stuff writer-wise done.
    And congratulations on getting as far as you already have!