Thursday, April 4, 2013

Too. Much. Writing. *explodes*

Today I think I did too much writing.... As well as writing I am editing a project for a friend. And on Sunday Jessica at Authorly Insane will be sending me Kat and Kadet to pick apart (her words, not mine). Yay! I have been wanting to read it since last November, when it was written! I have a feeling that it will be very entertaining... I mean, come on. Anything with a robotic cat has to be entertaining!

I won't be around at all tomorrow and on Saturday as I have literature, choir, and a youth conference. So I have been trying to get waaay ahead in my word count. I'm about three days ahead right now at 11,700 words. Blah. you know you've done too much writing when you write "...whom was Daniel was assuming was Daniel...." and also when you stop paying attention to editing your friend's work for them and end up creating mistakes instead of fixing them.

I feel pretty accomplished for today, though. I did a good hour and a half of piano practice which made my wrists hurt. I got 2,000+ words written, and I got 40 pages of Friend's-Project edited. Only 29 more pages to go! I'm going to hopefully finish that on Sunday or possibly Monday so I don't have to be editing two things at once as well as writing my own book!

All that aside.... It feels really really good to just write in the evenings. It feels like I'm actually accomplishing something and not just doing nothing on the computer, which is what I usually end up doing in the evenings.

Now I'm watching Doctor Who Confidential.

Have a random picture of David Tennant as Hamlet:

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio."

That is to serve as a segway into my next random point.
Yesterday I went to see Love's Labour's Lost, a play by Shakespeare (which is also featured in a Doctor Who episode). It was sooooooo good. My city's Shakespeare company is really good. This is, I believe, the third play I have seen put on by them.
They set Love's Labour's Lost in the late 1920's in England. Ahhh it was so good.... I LOVE live plays, especially Shakespeare. We are hoping to go to Much Ado About Nothing in the fall. I'm excited about that because I played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing in 2011!


"Tell me, is senior Mountanto returned from the wars, or no?" The only line that I can remember.
Anyway, Love's Labour's Lost was brilliant. Especially the part when they did Iambic Pentameter.
What is Iambic Pentameter? It is what Shakespeare wrote in, mostly. It is a da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM pattern.
Well, in Love's Labour's Lost there is a scene where the four guys are writing poetry to the four girls but they don't want the other guys to know so they are all hiding from each other. The fourth guy comes in (while everyone else was hiding) and starts reading his poem in Iambic Pentameter! It was BRILLIANT!! I wish I had said something about it at the talk-with-the-actors afterwards but I didn't... sigh. Oh well.
My other favorite part was when the four guys dressed up as Russians and went to the four girl's field (where they were staying) and danced Russian-like for them while another guy furiously "played" Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. They were all wearing ridiculous beards and looked rather like Muppets or Cousin It.

Farewell. I shall leave now because Elementary is going to come on.

Live long and prosper.


  1. Coolio! Hope you do well with your writing projects!

  2. 'I mean, come on. Anything with a robotic cat has to be entertaining!' That one's getting saved for my own evil uses xD Hopefully that logic works! I just finished up the draft for you, so I'll actually make this deadline! Of course, I still have a few things to brush over before I toss it your way.
    Hopefully it doesn't drag you away from your own works too much! Whenever you finish it, let me know. I'm more than willing to return the favor and edit for you :)

    1. When I say 'whenever you finish it', I am referring to your spy story. Just wanted to clarify that, since I'm bad at clarifying in the original post xD