Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today is the NaNoWriMo marathon and I thought I'd blog while doing it, updating you all on my progress!
So here goes...

Beginning word count: 23,349
Goal: 30,000.

9:58: *in bed* Two minutes until the NaNoThon starts... I could be writing.... Nah, I'll just go back to sleep. I COULD BE WRITING! *gets up*


10:00ish: *turns computer on, feeds the dog, lets her outside* NOOOOOOOOO!!! Computer! Work! Work! Turn on! *momentary moment of panic* Ah, it's working. Good.

10:00ish: Computer turns on. Whew.

10:07: Checks into the NaNoThon twitter, even though I don't have twitter.... Also tries to check the live stream but youtube won't work. -.-

10:10ish: Finally starts writing!

10:23: Starts writing this blog post.

10:27: Gets back to writing.
Word count: 23,595.
Last sentence: They looked around sneakily - just in case anyone happened to be in the office at 1:30AM on New Years; it was the right thing to do - and then entered the Big Boss' office.
Listening to: Junior's Farm by Paul McCartney

10:30: Actually gets back to writing.

10:33: Feeling sneaky because my characters are snooping around in an office where they aren't supposed to be looking for clues... and The Pink Panther theme just came on.


10:46: I'm still waking up.... Only managed 600 words in the past 40 minutes. Also, I'm having a HORRID time spelling the word 'sleuth' correctly. I think I spelled it wrong through the entire first book.... *facepalm*
Word count: 24,016.
Last sentence: "Of course."
Listening to: Nice 'N Easy by Frank Sinatra... Though something from the Master and Commander soundtrack just came on. Adagio (from concerto grosso, I think).

10:49: Finished Chapter 11. I'm actually doing chapters in this one... and they're actually pretty good in terms of chapters. Nice length, nice cliff hangers at the end... Hee hee. Now I'm going to get myself a bowl of cereal so I can escape the Christmas music that came on.

10:52: I'm baaaaaaccck! Miss me? Ha. Nevermind. I got cereal and I must be really tired because I tried to put the cereal in the fridge. *facepalm* My Christmas music has given way to Ken Medema, thank goodness. And now I'm checking the NaNoThon twitter feed.....
Also I'm trying reeeeaaallly hard not ot include a Sherlock quote in my novel.
Right now the sentence is: "Varina," his face went white, "it's the paw print of a wolf!"
I reeeeeaally want to change it to: "Varina," his face went white, "it's the paw print of a giant hound!"

10:58:  Finally getting back to writing... My characters have comfy chairs.

I'm sorry. I have Doctor Who on my mind.

11:00: It's the one hour mark. I don't even have 1,000 words. I have to rectify that! I WILL have 25,000 by 12:00!!
Word count: 24,076
Last sentence: "This adds a whole new dimension to the case!" she sunk down in the Big Boss' comfy chair.
Listening to: Secret Agent Man Theme. Fun fact - a line from this song is the title for the second novel in this spy series.


11:12: Changed writing places... Now I'm in the living room instead of the kitchen. Mom's on the phone with Grama (hi Grama!) and I need to concentrate really hard so I need quiet. Music doesn't count. But if there's conversation around I want to listen.

11:18: WOOOOO 1,000 words written today!
Word count: 24,405.
Last sentence: The time was 2:24AM.
Listening to: Jet by Paul McCartney.

11:38: Word count: 25,007 (wooooohooooo!) Only 1,000 words more until I get to where I'm supposed to be today.... Though, as I said yesterday, I'm hoping to get all the way to 30,000 words today!
Last sentence: "Who says I haven't figured out the code already?" Daniel said with a grin.
Listening to: I've Got You Under My Skin by Michael Buble.

12:00PM: Hour #2 is done!
Word count: 25,683. I've written 2,334 words today and I reached my goal of 25k before 12. Now I think I'll get to 26k (which is where I'm supposed to be for today) and then I will take a break. Because, as I said, I have some piano and voice to practice, a shower to take, and some editing to do!
Last sentence: "How do you know that?"
Listening to: Christmastime is Here by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Yeah.... Christmas music. My computer's playlist of music is on shuffle.

12:21: I think that sitting in that comfy chair in the living room did wonders for my writing... I got a lot more written over there than in the kitchen (where I have since moved back to). Well, I think I shall take a bit of a break now! I'm off to take a shower.
Word count: 26,032.
Last sentence: "Except a super secret code....." Daniel muttered under his breath.
Listening to: The Only Way to Have a Friend is to Be One by AD.

1:00: I'm back. And I have a sneaking suspicion that my long, wet hair will annoy me to death in the next little while.... I'm going to try write a quick 1,000 words and hopefully be done by 1:30. Then I'll have to take another break to do some music. Lunch? Who needs lunch! Granola bars are the new lunch....
I'm back in the living room now. I seemed to write quicker out here.

1:05: Writing starts... NOW
......or once I re-open my document.

1:06: Writing starts... NOW!

1:17: Awww my mom brought me a sandwich, some carrots, and some apple. THANKS MOM!!
Word count: 26,456.
Last sentence: SPOILERS SORRY!
Listening to: The Fury by AD.

1:57: The time has come.... for me to take another break.
Word count: 27,434 (I've written just over 4,000 words today!)
Last sentence: Chapter 12. Haha kidding. "Somewhere quieter!" Varina replied.
I just wrote a brilliant scene though... Daniel and Varina are laughing their heads off because "they forgot to file their paperwork, Wazowski."

Okay, break time! Before this madness continues.

2:40: Doing lip trills.... Warming up for some singing. I don't know why I'm telling you this.

8:51: Back from the banquet at my friend's church! It was fun (although all the 'banquet' consisted of was salad and fondue). I can't decide if I still want to write a bit more tonight or not... Maybe I'll do some editing for Jessica. That sounds good.

Final word count for the night: 27,434 (at the time of this blog post). I wrote just over 4,000 words today!

What did you all do this fine Saturday? Was it fine where you are? Or was the weather bad? Here the weather was bad for the first few hours... then the sun came out... then it POURED rain.

Live long and prosper.


  1. I picked up sticks. I think your Saturday bests mine. The weather was cruddy. (It snowed.) Congratulations on your 4000 words!

  2. I don't know why but this reminded me of a vlog.

    LOVE the TENNANT pic that says You should be writing!!!!!
    I need to get back to writing too, kinda stuck on school but I'm going to make a goal/vow/mission for myself to finish my books.