Thursday, April 25, 2013

So close yet so far....

A hurried outline has been scribbled on an index card so the writer knows where she is going and only 8,200 words remain. Yet the writer has lost the will to write... She had also just barely made her word count for the day. Can she possible make it through the end of the month???

In other news.... I've been watching lots of bookshelf tours on youtube. It's fascinating to see what kinds of different books people have on their shelves. So far every single one I've watched (and I've watched probably eight or ten) have both the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series, two series that I do not have on my shelf! Also lots of dark romances and zombie books.
Now I'm contemplating doing a shelf tour of my own because my books are some of my dearest possessions and I love to just look at them. Which is probably not good.
Anyway, in a few months, I'll probably do a bookshelf tour (because I'm planning on going to my favorite bookstores soon and I'm also planning on buying a few books from self-published authors....). Whether I put that tour on my blog or not.... Haha.
I thought I'd talk a bit about the books I'm currently reading. I'm reading several books, of course, although I just put down a few books that I just couldn't get through right now (mostly Agatha Christie. I think I'll save her for this summer. Her books seem like good summer reads). It seems like I've been reading all these books for eeevvveeerr.... I really need to start finishing some books. I fear that there may be n excess of book reviews next month.
I am still reading the Two Towers by Tolkien..... Every few weeks I read a few paragraphs. If I continue this way I might have it finished by the end of the year. *facepalm* And I only have, like, five chapters left!
The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells is also occasionally taking up some of my time. I need to finish it soon because it has to go back to the library. I'm finding it really hard to get through it for some reason... I really want to read The Invisible Man (also by H.G. Wells) because I'm sure he's stalking me. First he was playing the piano at the hospital and then he gave me a call and didn't say anything.

For literature I'm reading The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (the title is taken from the book of Proverbs. More on that later... when I do a book review. That should be sometime this weekend because I have to finish the book tomorrow because we're discussing it tomorrow. Three more chapters!)
Anyway, I'm really enjoying House of Mirth... but again, more on that sometime this weekend. It is kind of a Jane Austin-y type romance sort of... It's about the perils of being a high society woman in 1905, I suppose. It's very depressing the further you read.

Then I'm reading one of Liberace's three books: The Wonderful Private World of Liberace by Liberace. I'm really enjoying getting a look into his... well, private world. It is very interesting/enlightening. He was such an expensive man, for lack of a better world. But also VERY personable. There was a real person under all the showy gowns and flashy pianos and really, that's all they were for: the show.
I'm planning on doing a review for this book as well.

Finally, I am re-reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I read this last August and honestly, I don't remember why I picked it up again at the beginning of the month.... Maybe I just needed something happy and mindless to read. I don't know. But now, re-reading it, I have decided that it has made my "favorite books" list. I love it so much! Again, look out for a review in the near future.

So, would you all like to see a tour of my bookshelf sometime this summer?

Live long and prosper!

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  1. Oh! Is The Princess Bride a good book? I've never got to reading it.