Monday, April 15, 2013

My writing plan.

I've been sitting here in the living room writing.... A rain shower just passed through and I was watching it. The trees were dancing and the ferns were rattling. The rain was coming down hard and sideways, pounding against the windows, begging to come in and get everything soggy.
Now the shower has passed and the sun is setting..... The world is a pinky-reddish color out the front window. In the back everything is standing out sharply against a backdrop of dark grayish-purple skies.
It's quite pretty.

A few days ago I mentioned a writing plan I had come up with.... I shall now present you with it so you guys can keep me accountable (and that I can keep myself accountable too!). I'll do this month by month (and just by the way... during all my own writing stuff, I will most definitely keep up the editing that my friend's give me to read! It really is an honor.):

April: Finish Camp NaNoWriMo.

May: Start work on Part One of After the Twelfth Night. Most of the stuff in here it just fine.... I just need to broaden it and make it a little bit longer - add some more character development.... that sort of thing.

June: Work with Mom on Part Two of After the Twelfth Night.

July: Finish up work on Part One and Part Two if needed.... And send off to those who have offered to edit/go through it for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!!!) before July 14.

August: Wait for editors to send it back... lalalala... Once I receive the edited stuff, I shall start implementing the changes.

September: Go through, changing the things my editors think need to be changed (if I agree with them, hee hee :P). Then go through it one or two more times with my mom (and maybe have Daddy read through it once too).

October: See the above.

November: Hopefully publish on November 1 - the day that NaNoWriMo starts! Also, do NaNoWriMo.

December: Take a well deserved break from writing.

So there is my plan.

And just something random... I got the CUTEST socks at Wal-Mart today!



  1. Those are VERY cute socks!!!! They would be a lot of fun to wear.

    I like your writing plan, especially the publishing part. Because I want to buy a copy and read it.

    ACK! I forgot they never showed what happened to Jamie Bell's character in King Kong!! I remember being really disappointed, while at the same time having fun watching the Sherlock guy. I will have to find the movie somewhere and watch it again.

    You got to sing the Madagascar song in your choir? I think you officially have the coolest choir ever.

  2. Oooh I love the socks!

    Heehee, I shall keep you accountable! And I can't wait to get my grubby fingers all over the draft. I like editing, but mostly just when its not my stuff I'm editing :p

  3. I wish thee luck in thy endeavor. Personally, I'm doing horribly on the schedule I posted for myself back in January. I blame the lack of a computer though ...

    Hey, mind if I volunteer for editing? I've been taking notes from my mom on how to be absolutely brutal!