Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where Abbey proves she is, indeed, still reading The Two Towers!

Today was a half-couch day because I wasn't feeling all that great this morning. Currently I am reading four books... and I couldn't decide which one to read while I lay on the couch, so I decided to read them all! Not all at the same time, however. First I started with a chapter of.... THE TWO TOWERS!!!


The good thing with Lord of the Rings is that, if you know the story very well, you can put the book down for weeks at a time and come back to it knowing just what's happening.
Anyway, I read one whole chapter of The Two Towers and you know what? It was easy! I don't know why I was on such a slump with it this past year. I only have three chapters left and I have made a promise to myself to finish by the Fourth of July. Because I started reading it sometime last July and I really don't want to be the person who reads a book for a year, refusing to put it down.

After my chapter of Two Towers, I read a chapter in the second No Place Like Holmes book. That took about three minutes. It was kind of funny... The Two Towers chapter was, like, 10 pages. And then The Future Door chapter was, like, three pages and larger print!
After that I read a chapter of Do You Take This Quest? (by blogger Kendra E. Ardnek).
I finished off with a chapter of Emma by Jane Austin.

Then guess what? I read ANOTHER chapter of The Two Towers!! Two whole chapter of The Two Towers done today! I'm so happy.
Of course, I had to read another chapter of The Future Door after that... and then another chapter of Do You Take This Quest?
And once again, I finished off with another chapter of Emma.

So, all in all, I read eight chapters of different books today! Actually nine... because I read a chapter of Do You Take This Quest? when I first got up. And after I publish this post I'll read another chapter of one of the aforementioned books.

As well as reading, I've been doing a lot of editing and thinking about editing lately. I had a mini-panic attack a few days ago when I realized that a huge part of the plot is said to happen on October 1st in the novel... But taking into account all the "two weeks passed" and "a month later's" the plot twist would actually happen on November 9th! Oh no! So I changed a bunch of dates around and moved the start of Part Two to a different date.... And everything worked out. I think.
There's a nicely written timeline sitting next to me, but I still have to go through again and make sure all the dates are correct. As I told Jessica (at Authorly Insane),

Maybe sometime this August.

And now I just HAVE to tell you Tintin fans something!
I was looking for this movie that I watched when I was a kid. It was stop motion... and I happened upon a list of stop motion films (provided by the Wikipedia). Though the list didn't have the movie I was looking for... it did have something very interesting on it!
Right at the top of the list was The Crab with the Golden Claws.
The Crab with the Golden Claws??!?!?!?!?!??!!!
This Crab with the Golden Claws?


YES! That Crab with the Golden Claws!
In 1947, someone in Belgian made a Claymation movie of the Tintin book! It's 58 minutes long, on youtube, and, unfortunately, all in French. I was watching a bit of it earlier and for those familiar with the book, the French isn't too big a problem. (That's the good thing about Herge and Tintin... they pictures are so full of life, the story kind of tells itself. You hardly need the words! It's the same with this movie.)
From what I've seen of it and read about it, it seems to be pretty much exactly like the book. The Claymation is really very good. You should check it out!

Who knew right?

And now a question.... since I didn't find the movie I was looking for....
When I was young, I remember getting a stop motion movie (not animation) out of the library and it was about some stuffed animals that came alive. They were teddy bears... And I think there was a bunny too. They might have needed to get one of their friends out of the attic. I don't remember.
Anyway, they pack a picnic (for a birthday maybe?). That's all I can remember about it.
Does it ring a bell for any of you? I'd really like to know what it is!

Live long and prosper!


  1. Nope...that movie doesn't ring a bell. I've never really liked stop-motion films. They kinda freak me out a little.

    But today is not that day! <--That must be the mantra of anyone ever who's been in an editing slump. :p

  2. That's a lot of reading!!

    Dates are annoying. Always messing with perfectly good plots.

    Would the stop animation you're thinking of be, by any chance, The Old Bear Stories? It's a TV series, actually, but it's what comes to mind.

  3. I need to come back and read this, but I saw the last sentence and I went, "I THINK I KNOW THAT MOVIE!" Which isn't right, because I don't know it. I think I saw it though, where the bears sing as they go on their picnic? My dad used to sing it afterward every time we ate outside. If you find the movie you will have to let me know, I'd love to watch it again if it is the same one.