Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Top Five Book Trilogies.

I was thinking about book trilogies lately and realized that I have only read five trilogies (that I can remember). Most of the books I read are either stand alone, or in longer series (4+ books).

5. The Larklight Trilogy by Philip Reeve.

The lovely Miss Jack introduced me to these books and Philip Reeve, their lovely author. I did a review on this trilogy sometime last year. You can find the link on the "books" tab.
I really enjoyed this trilogy. The characters were great and the writing was very unique. I am amazed at how creative Philip Reeve is! There are some things to watch out for (some bad words and something in the third book... see my review) but otherwise, these are great books!

4. The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld.


I did a review of these as well.
Ohhh my goodness. These are amazing books. They are set in an alternate version of World War One where machines are up against fabricated beasties.
Scott Westerfeld manages to keep things historically accurate, yet puts his own spin on things. He mixes real people with his own characters (which are amazing). Also, the books are illustrated by the very talented Keith Thompson - whose drawings are in black and white and are VERY detailed. That's one of my favorite parts of the books.

3. The Doll People by Ann. M. Martin (and some other people).


The Doll People, The Meanest Doll in the World, and The Runaway Dolls.
I don't remember the first time I read/listened to/was read these books... but they have remained some of my favorite children's books since I was a very young girl. I've always been a fan of dolls and what's not to like about dolls coming to life? These are great books, especially for younger children. I recently re-read them... They went by a lot quicker than I remembered! And the writing style is kind of simple - something a little girl wouldn't notice.

2. The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall.


Oh my goodness... I LOVE these books so much. They are about four sisters and their Hound. They get into so many adventures and are portrayed so realistically... These are great books for all ages. When she wrote these books, Jeanne Birdsall wanted to capture the books she grew up reading: E. Nesbit, Eva Ibbotson, and those types of authors (who write clean, appropriate stories about siblings just being siblings). I've said it before that I love books about siblings and The Penderwicks are tied with The Enchanted Castle for having the best sibling-adventure stories.
Next year, this won't be able to fit into the trilogy category, because that's when the fourth book comes out. And a fifth is planned to come out in the future as well.


1. Lord of the Rings!


Of course! Tolkien is my favorite author and, despite the fact that I have been reading The Two Towers for almost a year now, The Lord of the Rings are some of my most favorite books ever.

And now a few honorable mentions.... The Crater series by Homer Hickam. It is supposed to be a trilogy, but only the first two books are out so far. And I haven't even read the first one yet... But I thought I'd mention it.
Also, the No Place Like Holmes series is going to be a trilogy, I believe.
And lastly... Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I love Inkheart... But when I tried to read the rest of the trilogy... eh.... I didn't like it very much. It got a lot darker, which I didn't like. And also, she killed off my favorite character! I've noticed that when I my favorite character dies/when I know they are going to die, I tend to stop reading series. It happened with Inkheart, The Hunger Games, and Fever Crumb. Let that be a warning to you authors out there - kill my favorite character and you lose me as a reader! I'm just kidding.

How about you all? Do you read many trilogies? What are some of your favorites?

Live long and prosper!


  1. I read a lot of trilogies, though most of them seem to magically get more books. My favorite trilogy is likely the Circle trilogy by Ted Dekker. And I agree–the Inkheart trilogy gradually gets worse and worse. The first book was by far the best.

  2. SOMEONE DIES IN THE FEVER CRUMB BOOKS?! (I mean...he already killed a someone I liked 8-( Are you talking about Kit or does he kill someone else?)

    THERE ARE MORE PENDERWICK BOOKS COMING?! This makes me SOOOO happy! I LOVED the first one and plan to read the rest this summer.

    I read most of Inkheart, then I found out she kills Dustfinger, got mad, and didn't finish it. I should at least finish book one. It was a cool plot idea.

    Hm, now I want to re-read the Leviathan books. I forgot how much I love that series.

    Oh, so you are a reader like me when it comes to characters dying. (Which is why I'm having trouble finishing Mortal Engines because I have a bad feeling about Tom. *hugs him and hides him to keep him safe.*) But...speaking of dying characters that you like, you've not become to attached to any from my books, have you? *Evil grin*
    Couldn't help myself.

  3. I don't read many trilogies. Lately I have been reading the Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander. I have also read the Penderwicks series.
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  4. I think my favorite trilogy would have to be C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, quickly followed by the Lord of the Rings (both of which are sitting just a few feet away from me in a HUGE stack of books that I really need to put on my bookshelves.) I also really enjoy the Destiny Trilogy by Sarah Holman and the Makilien Trilogy by Molly Evangeline (Which I have on my Kindle). Oh! and I also really love the Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Chrisitian Harding (which are in my big stack of books)

  5. But... but... Dustfinger comes back... in the last book and it's awesome! I bought my own copy of Inkdeath so I could blot (in black ink to be ironic) out all the bad words.