Friday, June 14, 2013

Busiest day EVER!!!!

I don't know what it is about the 14th days of months.... but they always happen to be the busiest.
Last December 14th we had our big choir concert... plus it was the Newtown shooting and Jack's first book came out. My friend got her driver's license... and there were a bunch of other things going on as well.
Well, today has trumped that day as being the busiest in my entire life.
My day started at 7:00AM when I woke up for no apparent reason an hour earlier than my alarm. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep.... so I went and lay in bed with my mom for awhile. Then we got up. By 9:00 we were on the road... to the local homeschool convention. My choir preformed three concerts during the day.... at ten, at one, and at four. So we stayed at the convention all day, walking around looking at curriculum and running into old friends. All the colleges that had booths were pouncing on my friend and I. We would walk past and they would draw us in with something fun (like free pens or candy... one had a paddleball competition going on) and then they would casually ask, "What grade are you girls in?" "We'll be going into 11th," we'd reply. "Have you thought about college yet?" they would slyly inquire.
We did get some good information about a local college, though. We'll have to look into it some more.
After an exhausting morning and afternoon, we had to rush rush rush over to my voice teacher's church for my voice recital. We made it on time! Hurray! Not that it would have been terrible if we were late, since I was the last performer, save one (but she was a surprise because her piece was a father's day gift to her dad).

And now, I present to you, Abbey's singing debut on her blog!

The song is "I Could Have Danced All Night" from the movie My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. My voice is soooo fatigued.... Too much singing this week. And I still have more to do on Sunday!

As well as having an insanely busy day.... I also managed to win a giveaway! (My first one.)
My good friend Miss Jack Lewis Baillot at However Improbable published her second book today! HOORAY!!!!


I won a copy... though I'm not altogether sure it's fair since I've already read the book.
That being said... I will also say GO READ THIS BOOK IT IS SO GOOD! It is the first in a new series.... so now Jack has two different series' going on at the same time. One is in the genre Steampunk and this new series is more of a Lord of the Rings style adventure. But it's very, very good. I enjoyed it even more than her Steampunk book Haphazardly Implausible.
You can buy Stretch of Loyalty here and Haphazardly Implausible here.
And while I'm at it.... My friend Kendra published the sequel to her first book the other day as well! You can find her books here.

And now I'm done with my advertising. I'm so tired I can barely think. So sorry if none of the above made any coherent sense.

Live long and prosper! and goodnight.


  1. Beautiful singing...Entertaining too!Thanks.
    from Grama

  2. Oh, I love the music from My Fair Lady! Then again...I like musical music in general :p

    Also, whoa, crazy day!