Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A bunch of things.

Firstly, AH! It came!! =D

Thank you soooo much Jack! It's lovely!

Secondly.... As you may know, blogger has decided to get rid of the "follow this blog" option. So, like many other bloggers out there, I've switched to a site called 'bloglovin' which is a free site that lets you follow all your favorite blogs.
Here is a link to a very helpful post with pictures that tells you just how to use bloglovin.... LINK IS HERE!
So.... if you want to continue following this blog (and my writing one... and everyone else's blogs) go sign up for the easy-to-use bloglovin'! Or save all the blogs you read to your favorite's bar. That works too.

I had a third thing but I forgot what it was... So I guess this is it!

Live long and prosper!


  1. Ah, yes...The lovely fact blogger is cutting GFC. Well, hopefully this bloglovin' thing works equally as well!

  2. You made me giggle 8-D So glad you like it!!! (Oh, and you made me want to buy Kendra's second book. Maybe when I get my amazon gift card. *Evil cackling*)

  3. Jack's book certainly is lovely! I need to get my hands on the Kindle Version. (I do love physical copies, I really do ... but they're so expensive!)

    You've finished Sew? Did Robert stay your favorite character or did your loyalties change? (I'm kinda partial to Doranna myself)

    I've already begrudgingly switched to Bloglovin' about a month ago. I liked Google Reader better ... but I'll live with it.