Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Doctor is Dying.

Doctor Who is the saddest show I have ever watched. The end of episode Doomsday was especially sad because (SPOILER!) Rose is separated from the Doctor and not by choice. She is saved by her dad and brought into an alternate universe, where the Doctor can not follow.
Though Rose has her parents and her friend Mickey in this alternate universe, the Doctor is - once more - left on his own to travel through time and space. But he burns up a star to say goodbye to Rose. Rose tells the Doctor she loves him and he's about to reply... when the transmission cuts out.

Look at that! He's devastated!
Doctor Who is a brilliantly acted television show, which is one reason why the Doctor and Rose's goodbye scene was so painful.
Another reason is that you can really tell that the Doctor and Rose loved each other.
In America our version of "love" isn't really love at all. It's just lust. But in Doctor Who, Rose and the Doctor don't go past holding hands. You can tell that they love eachother (the Doctor is very protective of Rose and if she is in danger, he WILL rescue her at all costs) but it's not in a physical way. Than you brilliant British people for making quality television!

As well as having many many many sad looks in Doomsday, the Doctor had a lot of strange looks as well....

But back to his sad looks.... I decided to draw the Doctor just after he loses Rose (that scene was even sadder than the goodbye scene!).
Step by step, I took pictures of the drawing at various stages. Here you go:
It begins.
Hair! And sideburns. Oh yeah.
The eyeball. "I always feel like, somebodies watching meeee!"
The nose, which was waaaaay too big at first.
The other eye.
Then I realised his chin was too big and had to erase everything below the nose... including his lovely collar.

The redrawn chin....


A bit of shading.




The finished project!

Not perfect but I'm happy. =) I love the shading. I'm rubbish at shading... And people for that fact; but I'm getting better!
Next I want to try draw this:
In other news.... I finished the second edit of my novel today!! Hooray! Now to the library to print it out and have Mom read over it. Then we'll go over it together a few times and then it will be finished! I estimate that the whole thing will be done in two weeks time.
Have a great week, live long and prosper, and allons-y! =D


  1. Have you seen the newer Doctor Who episodes with Matt Smith? Those are really sad too. I haven't watched David Tennant's Doctor in a while, though he was my favorite doctor before I started watching Matt Smith's Doctor a lot.

  2. I would love to see you draw a sketch of your dog. You have talent! Grama

  3. I like the sketch of the Doctor...that part was sooo sad! I think I cried more for him then Rose.

    We need a new name for the...American not Sherlock man. I can't stand calling him Sherlock, but it is hard to talk about him without using his name.
    Anyhow...his scarf bugs me. BC did the scarf thing first, and his is cooler.
    I still think he is too open. He is telling everyone what he sees, but in the books he kept it to himself until the end. Watson said he liked the drama of it. Saving it all till the end before he told anyone.
    I watched the second one. I don't think it will ever be my favourite show, but I like it well enough. The more he DOESN'T act like Sherlock the happier I am. (I met this lady in town who watches it, but she isn't overly fond of it either. She said about what we do, nice crime show, but not him. She likes Sherlock a lot though 8-D I was happy to met another Sherlock Holmes fan.)
    He NEEDS to call her Joan though! MUST he call her Watson? It makes me want to cry.
    Yes, she does deduce things too much. Watson didn't catch on and help him until much later in the books. She is like, "Oh, yeah, okay I get it. And did you notice that?"

    What else has Jonny Lee Miller been in? You mention him a lot. Has he been in BBC things?

    What did you think of the second one? I try and solve the mysteries before the detective in these kinds of shows. I kind of solved it...I knew it wasn't the blond sister. And I suspected the brown one, I just didn't guess how she did it or know for sure it was her.

    The original Doctor Who is on Netflix?! All of them? I saw some shows...if they are all on I am going to be one happy person!
    They FINALLY put Terra Nova on Netflix which made me happy as I'd never gotten the chance to finish the show. They also put up the second series of Sherlock, now I can watch him die if my sister ever gets a night free.

    Now I should go I guess. I've some things to do for the short story release.



    I almost cried when the not Sherlock quote that bit from the book about his brain. I wanted to slap him and tell him to stop. If he says The Game's Afoot I might not be able to stop myself from crying.

  4. Oh, how did I miss this one? I love that drawing of the Doctor! Even if the shading's not perfect, you captured the emotion on his face really well. He's got very unusual features which can be hard to draw but you really made it look like him. Good job!

    And Doomsday is one of the saddest episodes ever. HONESTLY. Why does television have to be so emotional? So are you watching all the episodes in order (if so, good for you! I didn't manage that.)? Or have you seen any of the newer seasons. I didn't think I would appreciate Matt Smith as the Doctor, since he's so young, but he really does a brilliant job with anything he's given.

    Oh, and I've been having trouble with my email, but as soon as I can I'm going to write you back. Just so you know :)