Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let sleeping dogs lie: a day in the life of Rosey.

Between 8 and 9.... Quietly sleeping on Abbey's bed. Wait! Wait! Is that Mom I hear shifting in her bed down the hall? MOM! MOM! MOM!
Unfortunately to the still sleeping Abbey that sounds like, "YELP! YELP! YELP! WHINE! BARK BARK!"
Rosey then procedes to spend the rest of her day napping under various items in the house.

Under the coffee table....

The star chair....

Under the OTHER coffee table....

Play with me!

Protecting the backyard. Rosey likes to sit outside and just look. Though in the past few weeks she has caught a killed two young possums. That's my fearsome fluffball!

Pretending to be in the depths of depair because Mom went to the dentist.

"Why does Abbey do this to me?"

Under the computer desk.

"Me and my giraffe are just going to ignore you." In her dog bed....

In her kennel....

On the sofa....

"Oh look, a bone."

Under the table....

And the days ends back on Abbey's bed, fast asleep until tomorrow.


  1. Oh my word, she is SO CUTE! I just want to ruffle her hair or squeeze her or something.

    Oh, this entire post made me laugh. Your dog has a lot of personality :)

  2. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE BEFORE HOW CUTE SHE IS?! Yes, that called for all caps. OH!!!!!!!! She is SOOOO cute!!! What kind is she?! I'm not crazy about dogs, but if I found a dog that cute I would adopt her in a flash.

    I just fell in love with your dog...I want to come and hold her, and pet her, and play with her.

    Okay, *Composes self. Goes to look at the pictures again and awe like a girl.*


  3. That is one cute and fluffy puppy! I see she enjoys napping in odd places too. Both me and the cat do that.

  4. Abbey, you should publish these pictures and quotes in a little hard book for pre-schoolers to read... They will never tire of being entertained looking at the pictures. You are so clever! Love, Grama

  5. Aww! Rosey is so cute! I love her! She whinned in the morning to get me up and napped in weird places when she stayed with me. :) I love you Rosey!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97