Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween through the years.

My family doesn't celebrate Halloween. My mother can't stand it and always locks herself up in the house and turns off all the lights.
For the past few years I have either gone to my friend's church (where they have a fall carnival type thing where you can dress up) or I've done stuff with my own youth group (we set up a hot chocolate stand).
The best part of Halloween (for me) is the dressing up. I LOVE to dress up, especially if I can make my costume myself (or have my mom do it....). I love putting together the costume and it's even better to wear it around. If I could, I would dress in costume every day.

Now, let me take you back to 2008.... Either the first or second year I went to my friend's church. 2008 was when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out in theaters and I kind of went crazy for Indiana Jones.... So it was little wonder when I dress up as him for Halloween!

I won best costume that year. Lots of candy.......
2009 I dressed up as Han Solo while my friend dressed as Princess Leia ("HEY DARTH VADER, I'M YOUR DAUGHTER, PRINCESS LEIA!")
In 2010 my youth group had a door which we took around and had people knock on... We would hand them a candy bar wrapped with information about our church. A second group stood outside the church by the road handing out hot chocolate to passerbys. I was a Star Trek character that year.... A doctor.

Last year I spent most of Halloween night with my friend who had recently had back surgery and couldn't go out. I spent the last hour or so with my youth group...
In honor of the upcoming Tintin movie, I dressed up as Tintin! Rosey made a good Snowy.
I was amazed that this year I survived Halloween.... I had one person come up to me and say, "I'm so sorry, but you will not make it through the night."
Why did he say this you ask? Simply because I was an Expendable Crewman. A redshirt. The one sent on away missions to die.....

Yes, that is a phaser in my hand. My dad is amazing.
Speaking of him.....

I didn't win the battle....
"Beam me up Scotty!"
Live long and prosper!


  1. Oh your costumes are so clever! And I'm sorry your phaser was no match for your dad's awesome saber thingy.

  2. Your family is soooo entertaining and clever.
    I am kinda scared of that man with a patch....

  3. You are so cool. *Grin* And much more creative with your costumes then me. (I loved your Tintin one! You even had a Snowy. *Smirk*)