Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've been tagged!

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot tagged me!

First, 11 random things about me:

1. I'm being something red for Halloween.
2. Dressing up is the only good thing about Halloween.
3. I'm going to friends church for Halloween and I'm exciiiiited!
4. My dad is amazing because he makes things.
5. He got that from his dad.
6. I shop at thrift stores and I look good.
7. George Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue. My new favorite song.
8. NaNoWriMo starts in 3 days, 3 hours, 43 minutes, and 48 seconds.
9. I'm excited for that.
10. I would love to see the Borg and the Daleks have a face off. They both have similar motives.


Now to answer Jack's questions (I LOVE these questions!! The Big Fat Tintin Quiz is such a funny video.)

1. Who would win in a sword fight, Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson?
Neither, they would plan out this big huge fight scene on the deck of the Unicorn and then act it out and neither would win so they would go make a movie about it.

2. Have you ever tried to do Tintin's quiff while in the bath?
Unfortunately no... My hair's a bit too long for that.

3. Which books aren't the Thom(p)sons in?
The Tale of the Missing Thom(p)sons. Tintin Meets Timson and Gimpson. And Tintin in the Congo.

4. What are the two phrases Tintin likes to shout?
"GREAT SNAKES!" and "Crumbs!"

5. Name one of the phrases Captain Haddock yells.
"Billions of blue blistering barnacles and ten thousand thundering typons!" Also, "Ectoplasm!" (which is part of amebas or something.... I just learned this in science!)

6. What is Snowy's name in the French language?

I FOUND MY PEN!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that was just good news.

7. The Milanese Nightingale miss prounces Haddock's name all the time. What is one of the names she calls him?
Captain Paddock.

8. Why does she miss prounce his name?
Because she's hard of hearing? I don't know. She would be a good match for Professor Calculas.... My personal favorite mis-pronunciation is when Captain Haddock calls the Grand Abbott (from Tintin in Tibet) the Grand Piano. 

9. What three books did the writers base the new movie after?
The Crab with the Golden Claws, Secret of the Unicorn, and Red Rackham's Treasure.

10. Do you know how Tintin got his name?
I think I heard the story once but I honestly don't know. How? I know that his name means nothing or something.

11. In which book does Tintin reveal he is not, in fact, using his real name?
Oh my goodness... I can't remember! But I remember what he says! He's like, "My name doesn't matter, but at home they call me Tintin." And I remember where he says it... He says it in an arab's tent, doesn't he? So.... Cigars of the Pharoh? One of the early books... The one with Oliviero Defigiero I think.
Thanks for the fun questions! :D
Also, I do not tag anyone.
Live long and prosper!


  1. First, can I have your NaNo user name so I can buddy you? I'm collecting them, or trying to. *Grin*

    Second, EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! You watched the interviews too!!!!!!! Not that I'm surprised, but still...EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!

    I was informed by some wild Tintin geeks, who almost took my head off at the time, that the Thompsons are in the second version of Tintin in the Congo. So, they are, but they aren't. So, frankly, you and I should at least be half right when we say they aren't. Just don't mention it on Tintinology or you might not live long.

    Someone said the reason the Nightingale doesn't call Haddock by his real name is because when they first met his miss prounces his own name. I can see why they think this, but she only ever gets Tintin's name right so I think she would have gotten Haddock's wrong anyways. (I think she's just too absent minded.)
    I sometimes wished she would get Tintin's wrong though. I would have loved to see his reaction, though he probably would have said nothing, and I'd have loved to see how she gets it wrong.

    Jamie Bell said Tintin's name, in French...his His name in the language Herge wrote the books in, how's that? It means quiff. I forget how it is written in the original, I should look it up again.

    Yes!, now I don't remember the title of the book where Tintin says that isn't his real name. It was in the second book, Arab...the movie producer...Ug, and I just had it! All night, and when I wrote the post.Not the Land of Black Gold...Tintin in America...Tintin...I'll have to see if I can remember before breaking down and looking.
    Do you remember it yet? (This was the one fact I'd never forgotten. I think my brain is starting to shut down. Bad brain.)

    Anyhow...I think you are the only person I've met who knew where I got the questions from 8-D

    And that is all for this comment, until I can remember the book.


  2. When we meet we should add Walk through a City with Swords to our list of things to do.

    I think that is what I loved best about Donna. She likes the Doctor, but not one bit in the romantic way. She is just his friend, his best friend, who loves to have adventures and travel. And who stands up to him when he needs it.

    Clair mentioned the beta reader in one of your comments. (I'm a comment spy). I thought it was like, some kind of college, it sounds like one, though I suppose it isn't since neither of you are in college. Unless you are going to some spy college...

    YES! Joan is, spotting, everything, everywhere. "He was lying to me."
    Watson didn't start observing things until the Hound, at least...I don't think he did. Not very much. I know in later books he got better at it, but in the early ones Sherlock liked to point out everything he missed.
    I hope Joan will get annoyed with the scarf and do something with it. And E-Lock's appearance bugs me. Sherlock wasn't a very clean person, with his rooms. But Watson says, plan and clear, he had a cat like neatness with his appearance. I keep wanting to slap the writers and show them that part. "Let him take a shower!" And I can't imagine Sherlock EVER putting on a tee shirt. AT ALL.
    The locks...were did I see that...maybe I read someone talking about it. Hm...I should look that up. I think I read somewhere that in the books, one of the stories, he liked to fiddle about with locks. And when I read that, I kind of remembered something like it in one of the stories, but I don't know which. I think it was one of the first.
    I can imagine Joan would be very happy to handcuff him. I have a feeling that many people would be very happy about handcuffing any of the Sherlocks.
    I hope the Balloon fellow comes back. I liked him as a villain. He was unassuming, and then VERY creepy.
    Aye, I too think E-lock and Joan will get into a relationship. This idea kind of bothers me and kind of doesn't. Him liking a girl will make him even less like Sherlock...but it will still be weird because he is meant to be Sherlock. So, I'm iffy about this.
    I didn't notice that about the episodes but yes, you're right. Interesting. I wonder what the next will be. Robbery...?

    Thank you 8-) I hope my book is worth the looking forward too 8-D

    And now, I should go and sleep. Before I fall asleep typing, which I've done before.

    I am glad you like the chat idea! I shall set it up. I know it has helped the last few years I've done NaNo, not to mention it is fun.

    And now, Au Revoir for real 8-D

    Bonne Nuit!

  3. Yes, I loved that interview too! The fellows who did the Thompsons made me laugh so hard. And Jamie Bell, taking it so seriously. (I think it is cool he is such a big Tintin geek, and that he got to play him. Kind of like David Tennant and the Doctor.)

    Did you get to read the coloured version of Tintin in the Congo? I only read the black and white and want to read the coloured, as well as Tintin and Alpha Art...and NOT the completed one. That girl, just weird. I can't imagine Tintin every liking a girl...adding romance in his stories I found weird. But I do want to read the one Herge never was able to finish.

    I don't remember which books the Thompsons aren't in either...There was only two I think I was told. They aren't in all of them a lot, but they make appearances. Rather their feet do, when they fall down and their canes fly into the air.

    Hahaha! Minmin sounds like something from Thor. Tintin would probably want to reveal his real name if she started to slaughter his...whatever he calls his not real name. Though, maybe not. She might muff his real name even worse.

    I heard that about Tintin's name too, about it meaning nothing. I don't know where I heard it. The only one I can remember for certain about his name was Jamie Bell. Yeah, and it was like Curfew or something, with his cool British accent.

    Cigars if the Pharoah. I thought so, but I was getting it mixed up with The Crab with the Golden Claws and I knew that wasn't right.

    Aw! That is cool your mum read them to you! (I didn't find out about Tintin until...three years ago, or maybe it was just two. And then I was sad I hadn't heard of him sooner.)
    I heard somewhere that Peter Jackson learned to read by the books. Something about, I think he is dyslexic I heard, and he had trouble reading so he would look at the pictures and slowly over time was able to put the words to them.

    And now I should go to bed, again.