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The Freedom Factor: A review.

(I promise; reviews are not the only thing I do anymore.)

Title: The Freedom Factor.

Author: Gerald N. Lund.

"And this new amendment that passed the Senate yesterday? A lot of people are saying that this will return the government back to the people. How do you feel about that?"
Gorham smashed his fist against the arm of his chair, startling even the host. "It cannot be passed! It threatens the very heart of the freedoms we (the Founding Fathers) fought for. You may as well gut the whole Constitution, for it breaks down the check-and-balance system almost completely. How can you have a strong president if he can be tossed out of office at every whim? And how can Congress function without set terms of office? Already your senators and congressmen are so worried about winning the next election, they can hardly function. This amendment will put that completely in shambles!"
The camera had moved in tight on Gorham no. He leaned forward and peered into the lends. Bryce felt a sudden chill, as though Gorham were looking directly at him. "We gave the best blood of our generation to win liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Would you throw it away so cheaply? And with the very instrument we gave you to protect it? How can you be so blind?"
Byrce Sherwood is a senator's aide living in Washington D.C. - the beating and throbbing heart of the United States. The Hawkes/Larkin bill has just past the Senate and he - as Senator Hawkes aide - is thrilled. But what exactly is the Hawkes/Larkin bill - the proposed 27th amendment to the Constitution?
"Under the new amendment," Bryce continued, "Congress can pass a resolution of no-confidence in the administration. If two-thirds of both houses concur in this no-confidence vote, the government is dissolved and new elections are held within six weeks."
AKA, if both the House and Senate (two-thirds) agree, the president and Congress members are thrown out of office and new elections are held.
But there is opposition towards this amendment. The "Save the Constitution" group believe that if this amendment is passed, it will destroy the checks and balances set up by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.
Evidently, the Founding Fathers agree because they send one of the representatives from the Constitutional Convention - one Nathaniel Gorham from Massachusetts - to talk with Bryce.
You see, Bryce has been offered senatorship and a shot at the White House by a powerful man named Elliot Mannington.
Though Gorham, Leslie Adams - a fervent supporter of the "Save the Constitution" movement and Bryce's new girlfriend - and Leslie's father Paul Adams give Bryce good debate against the bill, Bryce still won't change his mind.
Gorham and the council of Founding Fathers (in the spiritual realm) take drastic measures and send Bryce to an alternate reality where the Constitution was never ratified.
Bryce, horrified, has to find a way to live in this alternate universe where there is no United States and Canada, but several nations instead. Unfortunately, Bryce didn't land in Free Canada or the small coalition of states that calls themselves the Unite States. Bryce landed in the Confederacy of New England where there is an oppressive military government in control of the masses.
Will Bryce be able to survive in this dangerous world where he knows nothing? Especially when he joins the resistance movement and meets the evil Elliot Mannington of this reality? Will Bryce ever return to his universe or is he stuck forever?
The Freedom Factor, filled with espionage, action, and love, is an eye-opening reminder of just how important our Constitution freedom is.

My rating: 10/10.

Why I liked the story: TOO MANY REASONS TO COUNT! This is one of my favorite books ever.
The characters are brilliant and vibrant. Bryce grows throughout the book. It's very interesting to see the alternate Leslie's and Paul's.
I love the double agent theme that plays through the second half the of the book (the half where Bryce in is the alternate reality).
I like that almost half of the book takes place in our universe before Bryce is thrown into the other. It makes for a nice blend and transition - you get enough in both worlds. It's nicely balanced.
Bryce and Leslie are just too cute as a couple (though I wish they'd cut out some of the kissing. xD).'
The point of the book is wonderful and brought off in an easy to understand fashion.
The descriptions are fabulous.
It's just a wonderful book with a great plot and characters! Go read it.

Why I disliked the story/things you need to know: This books probably shouldn't be read by people under 12. The storyline is just a little too complex for kids under that age to comprehend.
Bryce and Leslie kiss. Not too terribly much and not very graphically. But still... I wish they'd held off a little bit.
A number of people are shot and one smashes against a wall, leaving a smear.
A few bad words.
Though the plot is and writing is really great, there are a few parts where the plot is rushed and bit and there are a few discontinuities.

Will I read it again? YES! I read it at least once a year.

Would I recommend this book? YES! To every American. I think someone needs to send a copy to Obama...

Live long and prosper!

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