Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kendra's Party: Trilogy of Secrets

My good friend Kendra E. Ardnek (author of the Bookania Quests and The Ankulen) is celebrating 5 years of blogging with a party!
Every day, she will be posting on one of the worlds she has created for her stories, and different bloggers will be interviewing characters from that specific world. I have the honor to welcome Collie, an amnesiac fairy princess!

1. You have amnesia: do you have any idea how it happened? Does having amnesia make life easier or more difficult?

I don't know. Leandra - a lioness who claims that she was my nurse as a child ... actually, she's only a lioness during the day - has a theory, but she won't tell me what it is because she says there's nothing we can do about it unless my aunt were to show up. Yes, it makes things difficult. I can't remember this aunt, can't remember my parents, can't remember the twin sister that people tell me I had. Not that anyone else can remember the twin sister, but that's another issue. 

2. Collie, you have been living in the human world for the past two years. Where and with whom have you been living? Did these people take you in after you contracted amnesia? 

I've been living with the Lianos, the family that found me unconscious in their front yard. My first memory is waking up in a hospital and Mrs. Liano asking me my name - I told her Collie, for that was all I could remember - and she said that she and her husband had adopted me and that I was going to live with them. They've been nice, especially she, but I just don't feel like I belonged.

3. What induced you to walk through the crack in your wall when it opened up? Didn’t you think it was a bit odd to suddenly have a gaping hole in your living room?

I'm ... really not sure what I was thinking. Of course I thought was odd - walls don't just open up and reveal cave passages, after all, but there was something about it. Something that drew me to it. I suppose I smelled home.

4. When you found yourself in another world, confronted by people telling you that you are the fairy princess, how did you react? Do you believe them?

Well, the first person to break the news to me was a talking swan, so ... I don't know. On one hand, I'm stuck in a world where animals talk and turn into humans at night ... well except for Gardenia, the swan, apparently that's her natural form ... and they're calling me the fairy princess and telling me that I have to go on this quest to find this Bookkeeper who'll know how to save the world from maLigthyr, and it's so strange and yet ... so right. Even though I don't have any concrete memories, I am plagued with dreams which are, I realize, wisps of the memories I cannot find. And what they tell me, about myself, about my this world, well, it fits with those dreams. And I'm willing to try anything to get my memories back.

5. You have the highest level of magic in the Land of Magic. What does that mean? Do you have complete control over your magical abilities?

It means that magic responds better to me than anyone else, according to Leandra, magic isn't something that you do, as much as it's a natural force of nature that you can manipulate. For instance, when I use glo-lic, a magic liquid that people use to see around in caves, it glows brighter for me than it does for others. I can also, apparently, rip holes between the worlds. No, I don't have complete control, because I don't remember how to control. According to Leandra, I used to be quite good at it.

Thanks for coming by, Collie!

Live long and prosper.

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  1. I remember Collie's Character Encounter! And I just read about Laura. I like them both a lot, so it's cool that they're in the same story! It was nice to get to know you a bit more, Collie.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow