Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kendra's Party: Elsie and Elyse

My good friend Kendra E. Ardnek (author of the Bookania Quests and The Ankulen) is celebrating 5 years of blogging with a party!
Every day, she will be posting on one of the worlds she has created for her stories, and different bloggers will be interviewing characters from that specific world. I have the honor to welcome Elsie and Elyse, twins from the world Galeon!

1. You are half-Silion; can you tell me about their culture and appearance?

Elsie: We have two heads and three tails ... why are you giving me that look, Elyse?
Elyse: We promised Kendra we would answer the questions accurately.
Elsie: Fine. To explain the Silions, one must also also understand the Alivocks, They're grumpy and we're fun. That's all you need to know. Appearance-wise, well, we look a lot like you humans, but we're shorter, and we age slower. Most of the differences are internal and mental. 
Elyse: Grouped together, we're called the Alisili, and we live on a planet called Silivock.
Elsie: And we love braiding our hair. You should try it some time.

2. You carry the memories of your mother, and the memories that she carried. Is this a biological feature, and if so, is it from your Silion half or your non-Silion half?

Elsie: Yes, it's from the Silion side, and it's not so much a feature as it is an ability. 
Elyse: It the Alisili's place in the universe to remember and to never forget. Everyone has the memory of the fall burned into their mind from the time they gain consciousness.
Elsie: But, when one of us dies - us as a people, not talking about just the two of us - we pass our memories down to a new keeper, usually one of your own children. And when they die, they pass down your memories and theirs, and so on.
Elyse: Our mother died when our younger sister was born.
Elsie: Memories aren't passed on to two people, but Elyse and I are special.

3. Is it strange to have someone else’s memories in your head? Do you get them mixed up with your own?

Elsie: No, it's not strange at all. It's what our minds are built to do. And the fact that Elyse and I share these memories makes it easier.
Elyse: We do get them mixed up with our own. Frequently.
Elsie: But we get our own thoughts mixed up with each other's so we're used to it. It's fun to be older than everyone else.

4. Sadly, I don’t have any siblings, but I always thought it would be fun to have a twin. Tell me about it! Is it as great as I have imagined? Do you get along all of the time, or do you fight?

Elyse: You should get yourself a twin.
Elsie: She doesn't live in Mika, and doesn't know how to Akeaka.
Elyse: We could teach her.
Elsie: We don't have time. Anyways, being a twin is amazing, and we actually have lots more siblings - most of them twins. Our society as a whole is built on twins, and if you don't have one, you get one. It's complicated, and will be explained in the book Akeaka.
Elyse: That's a very sad story.
Elsie: Yes, it is. And actually, Elyse and I are closer than most twins, even for Mika. We're strong empaths, and, for Silions, strong telepaths, and somehow we are almost always mentally connected.
Elyse: We have to get really far apart from each other for that connection to break. 
Elsie: We do argue occasionally, but I usually win, being the elder twin. Dominant mind and all that.

5. What are the perks and downfalls of being princesses? Do you think that having a twin makes a difference in that aspect?

Elsie: Perks include the fact that we get to be part of the crew on the Eagle, the most important ship in the Mika fleet. The fact that we can tell daddy what to do. We get to wear really nice clothes and spill paint on them and no one gets too upset. Oh, there are lot of perks.
Elyse: And being twins really doesn't make that big of a difference, since Mika culture is built on them.
Elsie: But it is more fun with two of us.

Thanks for stopping by, girls!

Live long and prosper.


  1. Haha, that was fun to read. I really do love how the whole culture is built around being a twin. "If you don't have one, you get one." That's definitely something I'm interested in reading more about! The thing about the memories is really intriguing, too. Now I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to have someone else's memories; and being linked the way you two are, too.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

  2. It was fun reading the interview, and intrigued me about the author too. I think I’ll read some of her works because I really love fiction novels. I was at a party at one of the Los Angeles event venues a few days ago. I met an old acquaintance there who was also aspiring to be a fiction writer. He showed me two of his sample works and they were really good.