Friday, February 22, 2013

WHERE'D his coat go?!

So I was watching the Doctor Who two-parter The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone and something is REALLY bugging me about the episode...
In the second half a Weeping Angel grabs the Doctor's coat and he wriggles out of it and escapes.

At the end of the episode (spoilers) the Angels get sucked into the crack in the universe. Since an Angel was holding onto the Doctor's jacket, I'm supposing that the jacket got pulled into the crack and was erased from history....
But then in the next episode, the Doctor has his jacket back!!
Soooo.... where did he get his jacket?! Was it somehow magically not pulled into the crack in the universe? He couldn't have had a spare jacket because he stole the original from a hospital in the first episode. And he couldn't have gone back in time and stolen the jacket before he stole the jacket... Because then there would be no jacket for him to steal in the first episode. That would create a paradox! Plus, if the jacket was pulled into the crack in the universe, if would have been erased from history so there would be no jacket to steal in the first place!
So HOW did he get his jacket back?!?!?!!
*sighs frustratedly*
If I ever go to a Doctor Who panel and get to ask a question, that's the one I'm going to pose to Steven Moffat.
MOFFAT! Confound him!
Live long and prosper.


  1. Continuity errors, hee hee! They frustrate us all.

  2. Maybe he just got a new jacket. haha

  3. He has a whole closet full of the same clothes, kinda like Mr. Monk. So if he loses the tweed somewhere, he can just pop back to the Tardis and replace it. See, when he first chooses his "costume," he uses his timey-wimey cloning machine to clone several different sets of the same outfit so that he always has backup.

    And even if that weren't the case, Eleven would totally create a paradox to get it back. Nine avoided them like the plague, and Ten only allowed them on special occasions, but Eleven hands them out like candy. "Paradox for you, sir, and a paradox for you, miss, and four for Gwen Coco."

    And if none of those theories satisfy you, just pretend like you never saw it happen. That's the best policy with Doctor Who.