Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Top 12 Dalek pictures.

The Daleks.
Everyone acquainted with Doctor Who, has probably heard of the Daleks. They are (one of) the Doctor's arch nemesis's. Mostly machine with no feelings except anger, they make the perfect villains. They can be especially frightening because their vocabulary mostly consists of "exterminate!" (of course, this exclamation is followed by death).
This catchphrase of the Daleks has brought about many spoofs... and now I shall share some of them with you, along with some other funny Dalek pictures I have come across.
And now I give you, my top 12 funny Dalek pictures!


In honor of Valentines Day, of course.
Every one's seen this one. Nonetheless, it's still cute. Poor, misunderstood, baker Daleks. All they want to do is cook!
Christmas tree Dalek! There's a Dalek for every holiday.
The first Dalek picture I ever saw... My friend sent me this when I was only a few episodes into Doctor Who. I hadn't meet the Daleks yet, but I still found this picture really funny.
Because I'm reading Moby Dalek... Er, Moby Dick.
I laughed SO hard when I saw this the other day. As a fan of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one) and, of course, of that song.... well, I love that Dalek!
Hee hee hee.... I giggle inwardly every time I see that.
A Dalek snowman! I want to make one of these. I love making snow creatures.
Bowties are cool, even if you are a Dalek. And he does a good impression.
TOO CUTE!! Oh my word... Daleks are detestable, but these ones are really cute!
Speaking of the Beatles... I'm watching A Hard Day's Night right now. I love that film.
I haven't even BEGUN to procrastinate yet... Something about a Dalek in a recliner makes me laugh.
And now, drumroll......
Dalek vs. the Borg (from Star Trek). The Borg have a similar objective as the Daleks.... racial purity. The Daleks want to exterminate everyone that isn't like them. The Borg want to assimilate everyone who isn't like them into their collective.
I can just imagine how the battle would go....
"Exterminate!" says the Dalek, and shoots a Borg. The Borg falls dead but just as quickly, the other Borg in the collective adapt their shields to the Dalek frequency and are protected once more!
"We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile."
The Dalek's would be able to counter the Borg shields and would once again kill a few of them before the Borg's adapted their shields again.
This goes on for hours upon hours.
Suddenly a fleet of ships approach and surround the planet where the Daleks and Borg battle. With a poof the planet disappeers! For of course, it was a Vogon construction fleet, clearing the area for a new hyperspace highway. If only the Daleks and the Borg had gone to their local planning office - the plans had been on display for nine months.
Live long and prosper!


  1. Heheh -- I do love Daleks. I particularly like the baker Dalek one, and the Dalek valentine.

    The Beatles one made me LOL. :D

  2. I've never seen a whole episode of Doctor Who, and even I can giggle furiously at Dalek puns and jokes xD

    Also, YES. The Vogons, Borg, and Daleks would get along smashingly.

  3. Now I need to see that battle, even if a planet gets blown up in the end. (Eh, it is a Science Fiction thing. Planets are always blowing up.)

    VERY funny pictures! I love the baking one! And for some reason, the Daleks are the only Doctor Who villains I dislike as much as I like.

    Aye, there will be a short story collect number two, and Steed's story will be in it. (I think there might be more then the first collection.)
    Aye, I didn share a story on Hogan, Lewis, and Louis once but I think I pulled it down because it needed a lot of editing. I believe that will be in #2 as well.
    Yep, Lewis does have my middle name...though I didn't name him after me. (I always forget how I come up with names, but he and Jack don't actually have my name. He was named Lewis because I always thought Louis was pronounced Lewis and I kind of wanted them to have the same name just to annoy them.)

    If I make it to the new Star Treks I will watch at least one of the new series, for the puppy. Because that picture of him was just too cute, and I adore cute puppies.

    I was thinking about that the other day about the original series. When the writers KNOW it is going to get canceled they leave us in horrible ways, killing someone off we like or with a massive cliff hanger. (Get Smart. The Avengers. Okay, not so much The Avengers if you watch Tara King's year, but I can't stand her, so I end with Mrs. Peel and that was a rotten way to end.) So not having the Star Trek chaps actually leaving will make it easier.

    Yeah, I can see E-Lock getting married as well. None of the others, but him, yep.

    I keep hoping they will find a way to bring Moriarty back, and I'm with you, I think they brought him on too soon. I think they killed Sherlock too soon. What I think they shoudl have done was not killed him till series three. Then they wouldn't have had to rush so many things in series two. *Adler episode* ACK!!! I still can't believe they did that to her!! I so wanted a great Adler! (Hm, thought I was over that.)

    BBC seems to do a lot with men liking men and such. I haven't seen it so much in American TV...though I don't watch much new American shows so for all I know it could be just as bad here. This is why I like old TV shows.

    Oh my! Borvil in a fedora! I wonder if that Artist chap would draw a picture just for his fans. (I just realized Borvil probably has more fans then any of the characters.) And yes, they would have to work with Malone a lot. (He is one of the few characters I cannot help but REALLY like and want to slap all at the same time. He'd be a cool spy.)
    I heard about the asteroid as well and thought the same thing! I wanted to shout that Telsa was back, but I didn't think anyone would get it. I want to go to that forest someday, even though I'm sure trees are growing there now.

    Did you like the vampire Doctor Who? I didn't think I would because vampires are so over rated now with Twilight, but I was surprised and liked how BBC did them. (And that they weren't sweet and sparkly and watched girls sleep.)
    Amy is a fun character. I like her best in the later series, and Rory turns...amazing. But that isn't the right word. I love Rory! He is SOOO cool! (Series seven is a bit hard, it is kind of like they were in a fairy tale and then thrown into reality. It was good, but slightly depressing as if they went and grew up.)
    Which one are you at to now?