Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Geeky Christmas Tree.

Most of our Christmas tree is decorated with traditional ornaments handmade by various family members and friends.
There is, however, scattered all over the tree, a number of, well, out of place ornaments....
That is because every year I get to pick out an ornament. This has been going on since I was born (except I didn't pick the first few out because I was too little).
I will let the ornaments speak for themselves. (The first few are quite normal because I didn't pick them out).



Then they start getting themed......




Here's where they REALLY start to get themed!
Barbie Swan Princess with a beautiful swan to go with.


Sweet Samantha.


Best friends. =)


Garfield! I used to read his comics ALL the time.


Star Wars ornament. It talks too!


2008 was when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came into theaters. I went to see if with my friend, my dad, and her dad. That whole year was filled with Indiana Jones themed things. Indiana Jones calender, Halloween costume, and ornament!


2009 I was really into the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This is Hazelfur, my Warrior. She's a ginger she-cat with grass green eyes. I really really wanted a cat for my ornament but Hallmark didn't have any.... Then we were at the hardware store and they had cat ornament and one looked exactly like Hazelfur! I was ecstatic.


Spock. I actually got him last year (I believe) because in 2010 I couldn't find an ornament I really liked. Last year Spock popped up at Hallmark and I knew he was the right fit for 2010.


Last year (along with Spock) I got two ornaments. One was a saxophone (because I started playing saxophone) and the second was a... well, you can find out.
I'll tell you the story of the second ornament quickly. Mom and I were at the thrift store and she was digging through the Christmas stuff and suddenly she said, "Abbey!" in a choked voice. Thinking she was hurt, I looked over and she was holding The Ornament. I was so excited and we bought it for cheap. Then we went to the store it had originally came from and asked if they had any others. Nope, it was a special offer they had - the first 100 customers into the store would receive an ornament on Black Friday!
We were sooo lucky to find The Ornament at the thrift store.


The Ornament:


This year, in honor of The Hobbit movie, I got a Gandalf ornament.


I hope you enjoyed!


  1. I like how you can see your evolving tastes in the ornament choices. And that Tintin ornament looks pretty schnazzy!

  2. If I got a tree I would do this! That is a fun idea! (I like the Tintin one.)

  3. Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I am jealous of your tree. Star Wars, Star Trek, Tintin, Veggie Tales, Garfield... Ahaha I love it!