Sunday, December 23, 2012

A tag from Jack.

Jack has tagged all who follow her blog so I shall take part. Seems that all you have to do is share seven random things about yourself. Sounds fun to me!

1. When I'm cold I normally don't wrap myself in a blanket or pull on a jacket. Instead I slip my blue Starfleet uniform over whatever I'm wearing.


Yep, I'm a geek, but you already knew that.

2. This morning in church our pastor was using The Hobbit as a sermon illustration and he said that there were twelve Dwarves. Indignantly I went up to him after church and said, "You got something wrong. There are thirteen Dwarves, not twelve," and my friend added, "Yeah, the whole reason they needed Bilbo was because the Dwarves thought thirteen was an unlucky number and they needed an fourteenth member."
My pastor asked, "Are you sure?"
I proceeded to name all thirteen Dwarves off the top of my head.

Yep, I'm a geek, but you already knew that.

He laughed.

3. I am about to go Where No Man Has Gone Before. I had previously read the prologue and first chapter of Miss Jack's book (because once upon a time she posted them somewhere), but now I am at chapter 2... about to step into unknown territory. 'Tis exciting.

4. As long as I'm talking about friend's books.... I am SO curious about Kad and Kadet by my friend Jessica! I can't wait to read it! *hint hint Jessica!*

5. This is my first year reading A Christmas Carol, or anything else written by Dickens.

6. I should really go pack. We leave soon.

7. On our white board I have written, "Don't blink! Don't even blink! Blink and you're dead!" and "Run!" Because... well, I'm a geek, but you already knew that.

Live long and prosper!


  1. YOU HAVE A STARFLET UNIFORM?! See, this is why you are cool.

    This is my first year to read A Christmas Carol as well. I never really get Dickens. But I liked that one.

    My pastor is a huge Lord of the Rings geek, but he's never used them as an illustration. He has used The Princess Bride though. *Grin*

    Have a fun holiday!!

  2. Oh yes, P.S.

    Do you live in a small town as well? Most people had to wait three hours in line. I didn't have to wait half an hour, I just wished to get a good seat. (Being short, I always get behind a tall person and then all I see is hair at the bottom of the screen. Which isn't as fun as seeing hairy dwarves.)

    Your church sounds fun! I try the pocket thing on my brothers and they give me blank looks and they saw the movie. "What hasss it got in itsss nasssty little pocketsesss?" I'm probably close to driving them crazy.

    Oh yes!!! I panicked too when Kili and Fili were separated. I wanted to shout, "NO! You can't kill them now!!! At least let us get them for one more movie!!!" And then I panicked when the trolls got them because I was certain they died there. I don't even remember where they die and now I'm not sure I want to.
    I would bawl for weeks if just one of them died and the other lived. That would be very sad. Can't stand it when one brother dies and the other has to live on without him.

    I'm not overly excited for Star Trek either. I saw a Sherlock reference, I think, which was kind of cool. It helps that BC is in it. And now Scotty will, HOPEFULLY, be in it longer. I love the new Scotty. "I like it here! It's exciting!" And now I've a reason to like McCoy. I didn't know he was Eomer! That is cool! (I'm not very fond of the new Spock. Nor the new Kirk. Pike was cool....really, the only ones I didn't dislike were McCoy and Scotty...I liked Kirk's dad as well. Oh, and the new Checov was good as well. (Ack, and I've forgotten how to spell his name. *Sulks*)
    I hope they leave the bugs out of the new movie though. Even if Khan is BC, I don't think that will make me like the bugs anymore.