Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit.

Well, this is new. I have never done a movie review before!

Movie: The Hobbit Part 1: And Unexpected Journey.


Director: Peter Jackson.

Actors: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, and a handful of Dwarves! Also, Andy Serkis and Sylvester McCoy.

Synopsis: Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit of the Shire, has lived a life of comfort, just as any other Hobibt. One day the wizard Gandalf comes a-knocking on Bilbo's door asking if he would like to share in an adventure. Bilbo says absolutely not, yet the very next evening, thirteen Dwarves and a wizard show up on Bilbo's porch, hungry for dinner.
Bilbo lets them in and hears all about their adventure. Years ago, a dragon named Smaug destroyed the Dwarves home and now they want to take it back again.
Bilbo decides to go with them to retake their home.


On the road they run into trolls which try to eat them.
Then they run into Radagast the Brown - a wizard who spends most of his time with animals. An evil has come back into Middle Earth.... A Necromancer.
After stopping off at Rivendell, the Last Homely House, Bilbo, Gandalf, and co. attempt to pass through the Misty Mountains where they are captured by goblins and brought far under the Misty Mountains into goblin town.
Bilbo is lost from the rest of the group and finds himself in the cave of Gollum, a creature who lives at the roots of the mountains.
Bilbo finds Gollum's "precious" and unconsciously sticks it in his pocket. Little does he know that it is The One Ring.
Gollum finds Bilbo and wants to eat him, but Bilbo puts off his fate by playing a game of riddles with Gollum. If Bilbo wins, Gollum will show him out. If Gollum wins, he gets to eat Bilbo whole.
Bilbo, of course, wins, but Gollum gets very angry and chases Bilbo out of the cave.


Bilbo puts the ring on and finds that he is invisible.
He is then reunited with the rest of the group, who have escaped the goblins.
The whole group descends from the mountains only to be attacked by a roaming group of Orcs with a personal score to settle!
Luckily, the eagles come and save them, dropping the group off at the Carrock. The Lonely Mountain is in sight! But there is still a long journey ahead of the Dwarves and Bilbo.
End part one.

What I liked: It is no secret that The Hobbit is one of my favorite books. I think that Peter Jackson did an absolutely stunning job turning the book into a movie! I can't wait for the next installment!
I loved all the Dwarves - Peter Jackson did a wonderful job of bringing them all to life! I especially liked Bofor, Fili, Kili, and Ori.



"I don't like green food!" The quotes were amazing.
My favorite scene, the "good morning" scene, was perfect.
Also, all of Bilbo's confused looks. Hee hee... The cast was amazing and played their parts wonderfully!
The big plot changes fit perfectly. Most of them came right out of Tolkien's other works (mainly the appendixes at the end of The Return of the King). A number of other things were changed... (namely Azog the White Orc who does not appear in the book (except maybe in a flashback... I believe Thorin actually does kill him). I really liked how they included Azog... It actually gave the Orcs purpose for chasing the Dwarves and also added another dimension to Thorin's character.
All in all, THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!!!! And GREAT!! And like the book!!! AMAZING!!

What I disliked: A number of small things were changed which irked me, because they didn't need to be changed.
One was when Bilbo left to join the Dwarves. In the book, Gandalf bursts in on Bilbo's peaceful breakfast and says, "What are you doing? Did you get my note?" and Bilbo's like, "Huh?" and Gandalf's like, "You poor fellow, you really are out of sorts this morning! You haven't even dusted the mantelpiece! If you had you would have found my note saying that the Dwarves have left and that you need to leave right away if you want to join them!" So Bilbo runs out without a pocket handkerchief. In the movie, he makes the decision himself to leave and then runs to catch up to the Dwarves. I found this kind of odd because he didn't even know which way they had went.. Anyway, I like the book version better, but the movie version was alright! "Hey, Mr. Bilbo! Where are you going?" "I'm going on an adventure!"

The second part was in the Misty Mountains when the Dwarves are taken by the goblins. In the book, Bilbo is dropped by a Dwarf and forgotten. In the movie he's just left behind. As I said before, I like the book version better, but the movie was alright.
The only other complaint I have is that the Song of the Misty Mountain (the Dwarf song) could have been played a little less... It was like it was the only soundtrack they had for The Hobbit. It got kind of old after awhile, but since it was a beautiful song, I didn't mind too much. =)

Some people complain that the movie dragged and that there was too much action and not enough character development... I just want to say, the Lord of the Rings is very poetical. It focuses on description and at times, it drags. So really, the movie dragging, is capturing the book perfectly!
As for the character development... With 13 Dwarves and a moving plot, there isn't much time for deep development. The story is about Bilbo and it is fair that Bilbo gets most of the character development.
I think that Peter Jackson did a better job at giving the Dwarves personality that Tolkien did because he gave us something to look at. He gave them full beards and accents.... And fun things that made them them. For instance, Ori is polite and Oin has an ear trumpet (anyone notice that after the trumpet was squished, he grabbed it and tried o listen out of it at the end of the movie?).

Over all, I absolutely loved the movie and can't wait to go see it again!

Live long and prosper!


  1. Yeah I do think it did drag some but I thought they did a pretty good job with the characters!
    I may like it better the next time I go see it.

  2. The Hobbit was a great movie, I definately agree.

  3. Normally I'd complain about lack of character development but I hadn't noticed it till you said some said there is a lack of it. In the book I didn't care about the dwarves. They were just there, going about doing what they liked and some died every now and then. But getting to SEE them and hear them, now I am fond of them all and am already mooping over thoughts of some of them dying. I was on the edge of my seat for fear some died in the troll cave and I didn't remember it. I think I might actually cry when Thorin dies. And I can't even think about Kili and Fili. Not at all.

    Martin Freeman is a perfect Hobbit. He is just as perfect a Bilbo as he was a Watson. He is just a great actor. I love his expressions best. He doesn't even have to speak, I can see what he is thinking.

    I feel very authory now, hearing you rushed to the computer the day my book was out! I hope they are both worth the wait!

  4. I've finally got to your comment.

    Aye, I only remembered about Kili and Fili dying because my friend's dad reminded me this summer. Now I am already sad about them dying when before I didn't care. (Them being Thorin's nephews makes SO much more sense now. I was wondering why he was shouting for Fili when he thought he'd died during the Mountain Giant's rock fight. I was sitting there going, "But, he's Kili's brother. Shouldn't he be more worried then you?") Oh! Ug! That scene! When Kili and Fili are separated, makes me want to cry. Fili looks so worried about his younger brother and Kili looks rather scared as if he wishes his brother were there to keep him safe. I rather hope they don't die, which I suppose is naughty of me (and the author in me knows they are setting their deaths up, but the non-author in me is hoping) but if they do die I hope it is together. I hate it when brother who are so fond of each other are separated. AND on top of that, we shall have to see Thorin sad over their deaths...that didn't help...

    Oh! I forgot Mickey was in Star Trek! *Dances* That makes it even better! I saw the preview for it and am hoping they show the 9 minutes when we take my cousin to the IMax. The trailer looks very good and I am now eager for it, though I wasn't because I don't like the first very much. But, it has BC...can't go wrong with him in a, I shouldn't say that. *Eyes Adler*
    ""I can save your daughter." From the very first syllsnle I knew it was BC. Then they camera turns around and we see him in all his BC glory. (XD) And then the camera zooms in. And then we go to Bones and Kirk running through an alien forest." This made me even more excited!!! I want to see BC in all his BC glory now. I almost clapped my hands when I saw him in the preview. "Look! Sherlock!"

    Oh yes, the Doctor snapping Adam's head open was funny! And I am glad you don't like the Madam whats her name either. I thought I was the only one.