Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That big post I mentioned

First, a few days ago it was GORGEOUS outside (and it still is!) so I grabbed Ruthie, Jamie, and Juliet and took them outside for a photoshoot!
Here are some of the best pictures:


(Dolls in Trees! =D)



Isn't she the most beautiful doll ever?!?!

I had my piano recital this weekend.
Here is the first song I played. It was by memory! I was SO worried about it because every time I play it... I forget a different part. Sometimes it's near the beginning, sometimes it's in the middle, sometimes it's the whole ending! But I played it nearly perfectly and I was so happy!
Here it is: Sonatina in C by Henri Jerome Bertini.

The second song I played was "This Little Light of Mine" arranged by Mark Hayes.

Before going to the piano recital, we stopped at Barnes and Nobles to pick up a Sherlock Holmes book. I already own all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries... But this book was different.

See what it says in the bottom right corner?

Sidney Paget was the man hired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to draw the illustrations for the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Originally, Doyle was going to hire Sidney Paget's brother, but on accident he hired Sidney. Instead of Sidney's brother drawing Holmes, he became to model from which Sidney worked from.
I saw this book at Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago and just HAD to have it. I mean, drawings of Sherlock Holmes? ORIGINAL drawings of Sherlock Holmes by the man hired by Conan Doyle? I just could not pass up this book. Especially at $7 (with a coupon!).

Here are some drawings I just randomly opened up to (except the first one, which I had to include).
Here is "The Man Upon the Tor" from The Hound of Baskervilles.

Here's a random picture from "A Case of Identity" (I believe).

Here's a picture from "The Red Headed League."

On the way to/on the way back from the piano recital, I looked through the entire book and just looked at the pictures. They are really great! If you ever see this book, and are a Sherlock Holmes fan, buy it! It's got three of the short story collections, and the entire Hound of Baskervilles book.

It will be a good book to bring with me on my trip....
"What trip?" you may ask.

Well.... Next Wednesday we leave for a cousin's wedding. After the wedding, my mom, grandma, and I will be heading to the East Coast!
I'm homeschooled and I just finished a class on the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and the two World Wars. We're going to visit Revolutionary War sites and Civil War sites (such as Gettysburg) and we're going to Washington DC! And New York City!
In Washington DC we're going to the Smithsonian (at least, part of it), and we're going to try go to the International Spy Museum and The Holocaust Memorial Museum.
In NYC we're going to try get to the Natural History Museum (although someone said that it might be a bit much to go to both the Natural History Museum AND the Smithsonian). We're also going to go to Times Square (to see George M. Cohan's statue) and the American Girl Doll Store!
As you can tell, I'm looking forewords to going to NYC. The whole trip is going to be SO educational and SO fun! I am looking very forewords to it.
I'm bringing the camera and the laptop, so you can look forewords to updates while I'm on the trip. At least, as long as I have internet connection.
I'm not looking forward to staying in hotels... I don't like hotels. Not since we stayed in one and there was black dog hair in the bed...
I'm planning on editing my novel LIKE CRAZY while in the car. I'm also bringing books along. I'm bringing "The Fellowship of the Ring" which I started a few days ago. And I'm bringing "Jane Eyre" which I hope to start on the trip. And, of course, I'm bringing Sherlock Holmes (with the pictures).

And now, I believe, this post is long enough so I shall post it!

Have a great week! =D


  1. Oh My! They have a Sherlock book WITH the pictures?!!! I'm going to look for it!!!!!!!

    *Ahem* *Composses geekiness*

    Juliet is very pretty, and she seems to love having her picture taken.

    And you play the piano so well! I want o hear you in real life.

    I also want to go on your trip with you and go to all those places. Can I hide in your trunk?

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! And enjoy your new, lovely booK! 8-D

  2. Wow!!! I absolutely loved the piano playing- keep up the good work!

    Sounds like a cool book for sure ;) And OMSC that trip sounds awesome!!! I am totally wanting to go with you... although I doubt I'd be able to sneak into America in time to do that xD Hehe- have fun!!

  3. Hee hee I'll smuggle both of you in the trunk. I'm sure the authorities won't look there....
    Or maybe we could build a compartment under the backseat like in Tintin?

  4. I love the pictures of the dolls' faces close up! Your dolls have fared much better than mine...Then again, I was never a dainty child xD
    Illustrated novels are amazing!
    Have fun out east! I've seen some of the Civil War sites out in Tennasee, and let me tell you, they are fascinating! (And sometimes gross >.<) You must keep me updated on what you see!
    Editting in the car sounds painful.
    And I'm reading both of those novels right now! (Jane Eyre not as much as Fellowship of the Ring...)
    I suppose I've given you a respectably long response to a respectably long post xD

  5. I think all authors have to like their rooms/offices a lot to spend so much time in them. Either that or they would go insane like criminals locked in cells.

    About thinking up thimgs when you cannot write them down, yes. I've heard other authors mention this and I too find it happening to me. My books would be AMAZING if I didn't forget all the wonderfully cool things I think up and then loose before I can get them down. It is so sad.

    Yes, every story needs more smoke bombs 8-D

    Hehehe, Kitty or Striker, good picks. They are two of my favourites 8-D

    And now...I'm stumbling off to face, publishing work.