Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Musical Move Accross the Country

My kind of town, Chicago is. My kind of town, Chicago is. My kind of people to... People who... they all smile at you.
We drove through Chicago today. There was so much to look at, although we didn't stop. If there was that much to look at driving past Chicago, I can't imagine how much there will be to see in New York!
There were old fire escapes on some of the buildings. If I had a bucket list (which I don't) the top two things would be, to climb an old metal fire escape, and to play a harpsichord.

Tintin and the Chicago skyline:

Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana let me say it once again. Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana that's the town that knew me when.
We past Gary (Indiana) next.

Why it's good old reliable Nathan! Nathan, Nathan, Nathan Detroit!
We didn't go through Detroit, but there was a sign for it!

I've got me a mule and her name is Sal.... Fifteen  miles on the Erie Canal.

And of course you can't go travelling in the car with Grama without eating a ham bun or two!

What's this????!!!! A Tim Hortons in the USA???!!!

YES! =D I have NEVER seen a Tim Hortons in the USA. I've only ever seen them up in Canada!
Tonight we ate soup at this wonderful cafe and bake shop. We didn't get any Timbits thought...

Tomorrow we're planning on making it to Boston!


  1. YOU KNOW THE ERIE CANAL SONG!!!!!! I used to sing that song all the time but now when I do everyone gives me blank looks. Pity, it is such a fun song. The world needs more songs like that 8-D

  2. mmmm ham buns and tim hortons.. sounds like your gastronomic needs are being well met. we are enjoying seeing Tintin!