Monday, May 21, 2012

Left! ....No right!

My friend gave me this SUPER COOL pair of socks the other day!
Here are the tops (you can never go wrong with rainbow socks) :

And here are the bottoms!

Isn't that cool?!

However there is a problem.... I am horrible at remembering which is left and which is right. You never want me in the passenger seat telling you where to go because I will tell you to go left when I mean right.
So when I put these socks on yesterday, I told myself, "Alright, I AM going to put this sock on the right foot! Ok... Here we go.... There! I got it right!"
And I was so proud of myself. I went and showed my parents. Then, a few hours later, I was looking at my socks and noticed something.... I had put the right sock, on the left foot, and the left sock, on the right foot!
I quickly switched them and now they adorn the right foot.
I guess I'm going to have to work on telling my right from left.

In other news, the day of our departure grows ever nearer. We leave in two days, on Wednesday. It's so soon! I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in!
.....and that's why I'm sitting here updating my blog. =D

I should probably go now. But I'll leave you with a cute picture of Rosey.
She found a new place to sleep.... My mom has these drawers full of fabric and she took the bottom one out and Rosey, well, filled in the place.


  1. I too cannot tell my left from my right. But if you hold up your hands, palms out, and make L's with your finger and thumb, the hand that makes a right side L - not a backwards one - is your left. If that makes any sense. Now you can see why I don't do directions or explanations.

    Be careful...remember, Trolls steal left socks. So you might want to hide the left one.

  2. That makes perfect sense! Thanks Jack! I'll have to try that.

    Hee hee I'll bury the left sock deep within my luggage.... Although that explains the mystery of missing socks.

  3. Awwww, Rosey's so cute!

    Ah, don't feel bad 'bout not being able to tell left from right. =)