Monday, April 30, 2012

The Zoo!

I went to the zoo on Saturday with my dad and two friends.
Here are some pictures I took:

A heron atop the penguin exhibit.

A penguin getting ready to jump in the water!

Penguin up close.

This sloth bear had a hard time making up his mind.... He kept rushing out of his cave and then rushing back in. In and out in and out.... It was very neurotic.

This frog looked very wisdomous.

The tiger. He kept looking at me. I wonder if he's related to Hobbes.....?

A very pretty bird.

A kookaburra! He wasn't sitting in an old gum tree... He was sitting right next to the glass. See the little girl's hand at the bottom left?

Close up.

This wolf was being very photogenic.

He posed for a very dramatic picture shortly before getting up and walking away (probably to get away from all the on-lookers).

Doesn't he look like he's smiling?

This wolf looked like he was dead.... There were four wolves altogether. They all looked exactly the same.

A bear that also looks like he was smiling.

The animals must have been happy... This mountain goat also looks like he's smiling! He was rubbing his head against the tree. That might have been the source of his happiness.

The Komodo dragon. He's always been one of my favorites. I can remember being a little girl and being super excited to go see the Komodo dragon for the first time (he was new to the zoo way back then). That was during my "dinosaur" faze (because EVERY homeschooler goes through a dinosaur faze).

An orangutan. They seem to always be hiding underneath their burlap sacks.... One got up and started walking around and one of my friends jokingly said, "He's thinking out of the sack!" She was also saying that in the wild, orangutans have giant leaves to cover them but since the zoo doesn't have that particular leaf, they give the orangutans burlap sacks instead.

The elephants were having a fun time eating the grass outside their exhibit.... And walking away from us. Whenever we got to a place where we could see them, they would walk away.

A warthog! I love warthogs.

The hippo always seems to be dozing or out of sight. He's never in the water. On Saturday, we were able to see him! Not very clearly, but that doesn't matter.

Me in the reflection of my friend's sunglasses. I've always wanted to take a picture like this.

A gorilla. =D "Eeee!"

Another gorilla. He's the biggest and I believe the leader of all the gorillas. He whipped the sack around his neck, grabbed a stick, and settled down in this stance. My friend said he looked like Yoda. "Adorable he is, mmmphh."

This peacock wanders around the zoo. He was near the exit on Saturday. A large crowd had gathered around him and he was very upset about it so the zoo workers had to fence him off. Poor animal... It must be so hard to have people staring at you and taking pictures all the time.

He kept turning around and around in agitation. The back of a peacock is just as beautiful as the front.

A drapery of feathers.

Showing off.


My computer is fixed.... The only problem is that I lost all my pictures and documents. Some of it was backed up (like my American Girl Doll movie) but a lot of my more recent stuff will never be there ever again.... I am most distressed about my American Girl Doll photos and videos (I lost almost all of them.... All the pictures/photoshoots are gone and most of the videos. The Twelfth Night movie is the only thing that survived). I am also very distressed about a story I wrote for my friend Jen's writing competition a few months back. I had written this story based off a whole bunch of Beatles songs and now it's gone forever. You can never take words back, whether it's something mean you say, or something cool you've written that's been deleted forever.
However, I can be very glad that my AG movie was saved! I worked all last summer on it and it would have been a disaster if it has been lost.... I can also be glad that both my novels (the one I wrote last summer and my NaNoWriMo one) were saved as well! The aren't in document form anymore.... But my novel I wrote over the summer was published through and I have five copies of it. If I ever need to re-write it, I'll have to re-type it into the computer, but that's fine. And my NaNoWriMo novel I printed out because I can't edit in word documents. It's easier for me if I edit physically with a pencil on paper.
I am going to have to re-type everything into the computer (which will take forever I just realised...) but I was planning on doing that anyways because so far, I've re-written practically everything.
Although I lost many pictures and documents that I can never get back, I have to keep telling myself that it does not matter. I can't take pictures of documents to heaven with me. In 10 years it won't matter that a few pictures I took are gone. The real thing that matters is my faith in God.
It reminds me of this video:


  1. I'm hoping to go to the zoo for my birthday. I like them 8-D

    Hehehe, I was in the Dinosaur faze...and I never really got out of it.

    Did the gorilla say, "Ceaser IS home!"?

  2. Zoos are so much fun!! (And roaming peacocks are gorgeous!)