Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 21: Something your know you do differently than other people

This one is easy. =D
I dress differently than other people.

Who else would wear these pants? (Regrettably, I don't think I'm allowed to wear them in public....):

Red. Oh yeah. It's even better when I wear a solid red shirt with it. =)

I also wear this on a regular basis:

Yes. That IS a skirt made of ties. (Notice the Star Trek tie?)

I also dress my dolls strangely.

Ruthie is rocking the yellow stockings.

I'm not the kind of person to pick out her outfit days ahead of time. I'm more of a, "Oh... I guess I'll get dressed... What should I wear? Sweat pants and a red shirt... Suuuure."

The only time I ever dress up is for class, choir, church, and special events like weddings.

I'm also a very conservative dresser. Wearing low cut, skin-tight, and skimpy clothes makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't know how girls can wear such things everyday.
We're God's daughters, princesses! When was the last time you saw a princess wearing nothing? We should be wearing modest clothing! You can be modest and cute at the same time.

Perhaps I will touch more on this subject some other time when I don't have to get off the computer.

Have a good week!


  1. AH! I love old books! I have a sort of collection of them and love hunting for more.
    You will have to let me know how the Doyle one is. I've read about him, and always pitied him that it was the character who hated who made him famous, then became more famous then he.

    Oh, agreed. We do need pockets! Or there would be no Lord of the Rings, in a manner of speaking.

    I will get you the Inklings in formation and everything. Hopefully I can get on that today. Also, if you know of anyone else, friends, bloggers, who would like to join you can spread the word.

    Were you able to get a blu-ray player yet?

    I'm dearly hoping they make The Black Island into a movie. That's always been one of my favorites. And it is Peter Jackson's favourite, so I have high hopes. I'd also like Tintin in Tibet as that shows his and Haddock's friendship so well! Which ones would you like?

    My books, on average, are about 70,000-75,000 words typically.

    I agree, we need more Sherlock. Did you hear, after he "died" lots of people in England were very sad. Moffat told them to read the books 8-D

    I did hear of the American version of Sherlock. Moffat's wife was mad when she learned of it. And Watson as a girl?! That isn't right. Yes, it is very sad. BBC is doing so much better.

    I kept hoping Benedict Cumberbach would be cast as the rangerish guy in The Hobbit. I'm still sad he isn't. I think that's the only part I shall not like. He would have made such a cool rangerish guy. Or the bear guy.
    He will be very frightening as the Master I am sure! Epp!
    We should start a petition and insist he is the 12th Doctor.
    I think if Moffat had anything to say Matt Smith would be the Doctor until he died. He is his favourite.
    I've just seen the new ones, sadly. I want to see the old but can't find them anywhere.

    Oh, about the giveaway, you can still join. Since you already follow my blog, you can just leave a comment and you will be entered.

    And now I needs go. I've a character in a fix and he wishes ME to save him.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. I don't really dress strangely...but you do! I agree about what you said about modest clothes! Clothes these days are terrible...
    See you tomorrow!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  3. Just real quick. Here is the Inklings blog I will need you to email me so I can give you all the information and allow you to join.

  4. I actually really like your red pants and epic tie-skirt! I mean, if we can't dress uniquely, then the llama-infested government and society has a grip on you in that area. I totally support your random clothing stuff!
    Yes, people, dress modestly. PLEASE. I hate seeing all those inappropriate views >.< Like Yoda said to Padme in that one fanfic you showed me, "Wear more, you should." Or something like that xD