Friday, April 27, 2012


That (above) is my bookshelf.


I have a place for my Warriors books to go (they take up a whole shelf....).

I have a place for American Girl Doll books (they also take up a whole shelf.... Except for the one or two maze/search and find books off to the left).

I have a shelf for misc. books that I love. There's a whole collection of Sharon Creech books.... Inkheart by Cornielia Funke..... The Doll People... Treasure Island... The Freddy Series.... Watership Down.... E. Nesbit books.... Journey to the River Sea..... Lord of the Rings.... other books.... and (OF COURSE) Tintin!

Then there are the above books....
Usually they look like this, piled in front of (and on top of) my other books:

My books have overflowed off of my bookshelf. Yet I still bring home more.
Do you, my readers, have this problem as well? I bet you do. Unless you have more than one bookshelf... Which I'm sure you do.
Most of my family's bookshelves are overflowing.
What can I say, books are amazing!

But I haven't come just to talk about my bookshelf.... I have come to talk about the perils of being a book-loving-writer.

If being a book lover isn't bad enough.... People who both love books AND write never have a free moment. Add music lover in there and your set for life....
I happen to fit all three of the above criteria.

Books have a way of sucking certain people into their depths and once you get a taste of a good, well-written story (*cough cough* Classics! *cough cough*).... Well, let me just say you will NEVER be the same! You will want to get your hands on any and every book that comse your way. You will find good books and bad books.

As a writer, you also get pulled into the abyss of words.
Once you start to write (and find that you are passionate about it) you can never go back. It's kind of like Facebook.... Once you start, you keep going for life.

Book lovers and writers will collect their favorite books (note: never ask a book lover what their favorite book is unless you want a detailed list of every plotline for about 100+ books) and litter papers with half-written plotlines everywhere.

Add sheet music and a few instruments to that and a house will clutter up pretty fast. I have a dreadful suspicion that when I move into my own home I will have books, music, and paper everywhere, with my piano crammed somewhere in the middle. I have a vision of me sitting at a desk in a cluttered, one room apartment writing furiously with stacks of paper and books around me with Beethoven blaring in the background.

And that is exactly how I want it to be.


  1. Ha! Finally someone sets the record straight about asking people for their favorite books!
    And Nice...I'm still working on my bookshelf. Its full, but not with books quite yet xD

  2. Yes, I have that problem. My bookshelf is full, and I have books stacked on top of eachother. My bookshelf has two shelves full of books and the other two shelves are filled with other things.
    See you Tuesday!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  3. I'm SO behind on all your posts! I like your book shelf though. And it is cool you own the Tintin book! I finally found it last Saturday and bought it. I think that is the true form of geekiness. Hello fellow geek.

    I'm glad your computer is working again, but I am sad you lost so much. Loosing a story is terrible. I hope you are able to get it all typed out again with no trouble. Glad the movie survived though!