Thursday, April 26, 2012

A very long blog post (but worth it!)

My computer is broken.
And since I am lazy on the internet... I haven't logged out of my mother's blogger account and onto my own. But now I have. Because I feel the need to blog.
Also, because I'm tired of this whole "30 day challenge" thing (since it's not really a "30" day challenge anymore....)  but am determined to finish it, I am going to finish it right now! In one blog post!

Day 24: A movie in which no one would expect you to love.
I am going to do this day a bit differently.... I am going to do movies and TV shows no one would expect me to love.
No one would expect me to love "Thomas and the Magic Railroad."

Thomas the Tank Engine was my childhood. I spent hours playing with my train set. First I had to build and re-build the railroad... Then I would play with Thomas and Percy and Lady and all the other engines I had (I always wanted Edward and Henry but, sadly, never got them). Whenever we go to a certain store that I know has Thomas trains I go and look at them and memories come flooding back.

A few TV shows no one would expect me to love are...

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood


Leave It To Beaver

The Andy Griffith Show

Many of you are probably familiar with Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Arthur. They are both shows for younger audiences.... But I love little kid shows. They are usually soooo clean and teach you simple lessons that everyone should remember.

Leave it to Beaver is a story about the Cleaver family. June Cleaver, the mother, is often made fun of in today's society because she was so "perfect" which she was. It just made Leave it to Beaver better.

I love old black and white TV shows.

The Andy Griffith Show was introduced to me by my grandparents. It is a show about Andy Griffith (last picture, the guy without a hat) and his fictional son Opie. Andy is sheriff of a small village. Barney Fife (guy with a hat) is his deputy. Aunt Bee (the lady) takes care of Opie. It's a great show with a great theme song! *goes off whistling*

Day 25: A recipe.


1 kop boeter

1 kop suiker

2 kop meel

1 ei

1 thee lepel almond

1 thee lepel baak poeder

Kneed alles met de hand of vork.

Schep het dreg in een pan. Plat maken.

Sprenkel met een beetje melk.

Stop in 350 oven, 30-35 minuten.

Eet smakkelijk!!

Boeterkoek is a Dutch recipe for butter cake. It's really good! ....If you can translate the recipe.

Day 26: A childhood memory.
Oh dear... I have been thinking a lot about my childhood lately. And I'm not even out of high school yet! I feel so old though....
Hmmmm.... A childhood memory. I can remember getting embarrassed an awful lot when I was small. I would say something and people would laugh and say, "Oh how cute" and I would be shamed and would think I was no good. I remember once being at a relatives house for Christmas and my little cousin received a gift and I said, "Is it what he always wanted?" and everyone laughed and I was soooo embarrassed. I hated being laughed at when I was little, even if I made a joke. I think it was because I was very shy. I always kept by my mom's side. I never wandered very far from her. As I got older, I hated putting myself out there and talking to people because I was afraid they would laugh at me or think I was stupid.
Then I took Shakespeare.
This wasn't any ordinary Shakespeare class, though. This Shakespeare class was more of a "Get-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone-by-silly-acting-games-with-Shakespeare-on-the-side" class. Boy did it help! Since then, I have been putting myself out there more and talking a lot more. I often think, "What does my youth group think of me now?" (in a laughing way) because my first year in youth group I barely talked. I was the shy girl who sat in the corner alone. Now, I don't care what my youth group thinks. If they think I'm a weirdo, crazy, nerdy, sci-fi lover, geek..... Well, all I can say is.... I AM! That's who I am. And if anyone has a problem with that, that's there problem. Because I am me. I'm not saying I'm perfect. In fact, I'm far from perfect. I'm still a work in progress. I'm still being molded into who God wants me to be. I've given up caring what people think about me. I only care about what God thinks of me. Because really, He's the only one that matters.

Day 27: A physical feature you love.
ACCENT!! No question about it. I absolutely love accents. Especially English accents. I could sit and listen to an English accent all day. Perhaps that's why I love Sherlock Holmes so much? And Jane Austin? Everyone in those books/movies has an accent. Even Tintin has an accent!
But enough about accents.... My mother wants the computer so she can do a blog post so I'd better finish this up.

Day 28: A scar you have and it's story.
Here is the scar-

No it's not the big brown thing. It's the little white thing next to it. I feel a few summers ago an scraped my knee while camping. Me and my friends were playing tag with some other kids in the campsite and I slipped and fell on gravel and skinned my knee. One of the other tag-players came over and asked if I was ok and I said yes and continued to play, even though my knee was burning. I tried running... Then I looked down at my knee. It was gross. It looked like this:

I am very glad that it has turned into a small scar.

Day 29: Hopes, dreams, and plans you have for the next 365 days.
I could go on and on with this one.... But I will narrow it down to just a few things.
1. Start taking singing lessons.
2. Read the following books:
    a. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
    b. Leviathan by Scott Westerfield
    c. The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien
    d. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
    e. The Young Sherlock Holmes by Darrell Pitt
    f. The Steampunk Detective by Andrew Lane
    g. The Tintin Novel based off of the movie by some whose name I don't know.
3. Finish editing my NaNoWriMo novel.
4. Plan this year's NaNoWriMo novel (I have an AMAZING plot line floating around in my brain!! It's full of detectives and secret weapons and trench coats..... But more on that in some other post.)

Day 30: A motto of philosophy.
I am going to do a quote instead. Whether it is philosophical... You can decide.
"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim for earth and you will get neither."
-C.S. Lewis.

On a closing note, I am thinking about changing the title of my blog to "Random Ramblings." What do you guys think?

Hopefully, I will get my computer fixed soon and then my posts will be much more frequent again.

Until then, have a blessed week!


  1. You have a good week too, girlie! God's with you all the time my dear ;)

    Love all your posts! I freakin' love some littlie shows... I actually find some of them truly entertaining xD

    Good quote!

  2. Random Ramblings would make sense...All we ever do is ramble. That's why they CREATED blogging! :P

    Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood was awesome. Unfortunately little kid shows nowadays just don't live up to it. Mr. Rodger was epic.

    NaNoWriMo is still... Seven months away and you're already planning for it?? I envy you! I have no idea what I'm gonna do..