Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 16: A song that makes you cry

Here is a short post, an easy read compared to my last two, heavier, blog posts.

A song that makes me cry is "A Mighty Fortress" by Cristy Nockels.


  1. Two sentences does make an easy-read blog post lol!

  2. So, HI! 8-D Read up on all your old posts. I've kind of been AWOL with book endings and mass editings. But now I'm back.

    Tolkien was amazing, I agree. I think it is such a grand thing that he and Lewis were friends. Did you know Lewis answered every letter his readers sent him?

    Now, to answer your comment, sort of. First, when you mentioned Inklings I remembered something I've been meaning to ask. I once started an online writing group called the Inklings. We took pen names from our favorite authors, that is how I became Jack actually. And we would post bits and pieces of our writing and the others would read it and tell what they thought.
    Inklings has sort of died over the last four years since I started it. All the original writers are gone, but I still have the blog tucked away and had plans of starting it up. Just not so soon. A former Inkling emailed me the other day saying she wished to join again. Right now there is just two of us, her and I, but I think I recollect you mentioning you wanted to join a writing group once. Or someone else said it and I got confused - which is possible. But, anyhow, I figured I would ask. If you are interested let me know and I will send you the blog link.

    As for the Tintin movie, I was so hoping the picture I use would be put on the movie cover. Very sad it wasn't, not that it made me sad about getting the movie. It has reached the top of my all time favorite movie list, which is a hard list to top as it has Narnia and Lord of the Rings on it. I want to get a blu ray player sometime so I can get the blu ray disk and watch the ton of cool, extra things. I'm also thinking they need to make an extended edition. 8-D
    I tried watching Tintin with my non Tintin geeky brother. I kept pointing out all the geeky things. Like the Haddock carved into Marlinspike Hall - I have a theory behind that. The fish was never in the books and I think, maybe Peter Jackson, put it in for us geeks since we know that Herge named Haddock after the fish. After while I had to stop my geek rant, I think my brother was getting ready to throw his pillow at me 8-D. I need a fellow geek to watch it with.
    I think I've watched the movie about ten times. I was keeping count but I'm bad with numbers so I gave up. I got a new dell computer so now I have to watch it on my new computer 8-D Have you been able to watch it yet? Did you get the blu ray? If so and if you watch the extras you will have to let me know how they are. The plan DVD just came with two extras.

    So glad you like the sounds of Who Says? I was nervous starting it, the characters were being so dull. But they changed their minds and are now behaving handsomely.

    I know, sometimes it is rotten living in America. In Britain its been months since Sherlock came out and they can buy it on DVD now.

    Oh! I CANNOT WAIT to see the Hobbit!!! It is going to be sooo amazing!

    You're right, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a lot of bad guys. He must be good at them. I can see it, he is a bit quiet, and can pull of an evil look I think. I was sad to here he might be the Master, not because I don't think he will do an amazing job, but because I wanted him so badly to be the next Doctor.
    That would have been interesting, having Matt Smith as Watson. Did you hear that he might be leaving after season seven? I think, or eight. I heard he is staying for the fiftith thing, but then maybe leaving. Rory and Amy are leaving after this season. I'm so sad. I LOVE Rory. He's my favorite companion out of everyone.

    It will be weird to, not, see BC in the Hobbit. Since he will be talking Smaug. My friend said it will be odd hearing his voice talking to Watson (Bilbo) because she will be picturing him as Sherlock.

    Anyhow, I think I should go. I have some blog work, writing, editing, and cleaning to get done.

    Oh and, P.S. I'm having a give away on my blog this week, I believe, so if you like you can check back and enter 8-D.

  3. That is an awesome song! I don't know what song makes me cry.
    See you Wednesday! Hope you have a safe trip to Canada!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97