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My Kingdom for a Blog Tour: Interview with Eric

Kendra E. Ardnek is publishing the third book in her Bookania Quest series! In honor of My Kingdom for a Quest's release, I'm interviewing one of the characters: Prince Eric.

Without further ado... Prince Eric!

1. Tell us about yourself!

I am a prince of Winthrop, second son to King William and Queen Camilla. I'm one of the best swordsmen among my peers, and I'm married to Robin, who is the best.

2. How did you and Robin meet?

The absolute first time we met we were quite young, she and her brother Robert just two, and I an accomplished four-year-old. My parents had brought my brother and I to visit Locksley and discuss the things that kings and queens discuss when they get together. I knew how annoying it could be when my brother left me out of his games, so I took great pains to make sure the two of them were included in mine. I taught them somersaults, how to play with wooden swords, and rocking horse races. By the time we left, she would follow me around everywhere. It was actually quite cute.

I didn't see them again for another four years, when my parents took me to attend Locksley's First School of Knighthood. I was surprised at how much she had changed in those four years, and she didn't seem to remember me at all, rather viewed me as an intruder. It didn't help that I'd humiliated her brother without meaning to, and she put my sword in the ceiling.

3. When did you realize that you were in love with Robin?

About five seconds after she accepted the proposal that I still don't remember giving her. I'd always had a very high regard for her, and I knew that I would have liked her as a friend, but she'd never given me the time of day unless it was at the end of her sword. Indeed, she tried her hardest to be the bane of my existence, and since I didn't know she was enchanted ... I never let myself consider her.

4. Had you ever been in love before?

I used to dream of rescuing an enchanted princess, and how in love we would be, and I attempted the rescue of many, but honestly, Robin has always had my heart, even if I hadn't realized it.

5. Does the land of Bookania have a holiday celebrating love, like earth's Valentine's Day?

Close enough. We have a three day celebration at the end of July called the Days of Joy. The first day we celebrate our love for the Authors. This is usually when the minor, ordinarily overlooked repairs and deep cleaning are done in chapels and the homes of the friars and abbots, and we replenish the storehouse for the poor.

The second day, we focus on love for others. Most couples start the day with their children bringing them breakfast in bed - or if they don't have children, one or the other will do it. This followed by a special time with children doing something special with the family, such as baking, harvesting fruits and vegetables from the garden, or picking flowers, and then the children are sent out to hand out baskets of the gifts they made to all the families in the village. I believe Kendra mentioned that you have a holiday similar - hallowtween, or something like that? At the end of the day, everyone gathers on the village green in their best clothes, and they spend the evening dancing and chatting with each other.

The third day is mostly spent by yourself doing things you love. If you love gardening, you garden, if you like to read, you read, and so on. Sometimes husbands and wives will take themselves off into the surrounding meadows, woods, or mountains and have picnics, sometimes even whole families will gather together, especially if the children are small. Usually, though, people try to be alone for as much of this day as possible. Among the common, people will incline themselves to the study of the Author on this day, but sadly, in the last hundred years, this has fallen out of practice among the nobility.

6. Are you doing anything romantic for Robin for Valentine's Day?

We were on our honeymoon last July, and on the third day, I took her mudriding.

As for next year, well, it's a little far off to have any concrete plans, but I do already have a gift planned for her. I've frequently noticed that Robin only ever uses one gold pen to write with, so I've decided to commission her a steel one in the shape of a sword, an exact replica of her Auroren, except that she'll be able to write with it. It's not roses and chocolate, but I think she'll like it, don't you?

7. Can you give us the inside scoop on this thing with Arthur? Is he really the heir to Briton's throne? And what about that sword in the stone?

Yes, he is the rightful heir. And I'm willing to say that you know more about this sword than I do at the moment, because I confess that I've never even heard of it.

8. What are your future plans?

At the present moment, Robin and I are assisting her cousin in taking back his kingdom, but I think you're thinking about more long-term plans.

Of course, Robin and I do intend to start a family in a few years, but in the meantime, between the two of us, we should be able to find an adventure to indulge in at least every few months. However, I foresee us having to settle down and start ruling the kingdom within the next several years. Lukas has been missing for three years now, with no sign of his whereabouts. I am desperately hoping that my older brother reappears, but in the meantime, I am preparing to be the best king that I can in case he doesn't.

Live long and prosper, and check out Kendra's blog! 
Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

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