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Book Spotlight: My Kingdom for a Quest, by Kendra E. Ardnek

I made a mistake last week during Kendra's blog tour... I forgot to include information about the book! So it gets its own post:

Back cover blurb:

Arthur is the rightful king of Briton, but his Uncle Mordreth refuses to give up the regency.   Arthur and Grandfather are now returning with allies to wrestle the kingdom from his uncle's grasp.  But not all is as it seems among his allies, and everyone has secrets.  New loves, old loves, lost loves, kingdoms conquered and kingdoms stolen.   Who is the real "rightful heir" and will the nearly forgotten sword in the stone finally answer this question?

Here is a snippet to whet your literary appetite (it also happens to be one of my favorite scenes in the book):

“Only twelve hours! Leo, there is no way to escape Briton Dungeons. No way!”
“That’s what they said in the dungeons of Fronce, too,” said Leo absentmindedly, taking a sip of his gruel. “Now be quiet while I think. And eat up. We’re going to need our strength!”
“Dungeons in Fronce!” Gavin squeaked.
“Yes, now those were dungeons! Now be quiet.”
Gavin fell silent and simply stared in the direction of his friend, the look on his face (had it been visible in that dark cell) a mixture of confusion, awe, and horror.
“You wouldn’t have happened to have fallen in love with any young lady who would be able to arrange for a soldier to play traitor and get us out of here, now would you?” Leo suddenly asked.
“Ah, well, I suppose that not every young lady can be so obliging. And now that I think about it, it’s as good a way into the dungeon as out. Now where was I … No, bribing the guards is out of the question. All we have is gruel to call our own, and I’m sure they have much better food in the soldier’s quarters.”
“We’ll never get out of here!” Gavin moaned.
“That’s what you think. That’s what everyone thinks,” said Leo. “But I tell you, there’s a way out of every sticky situation. You just have to be observant and look for it.” Leo frowned as he set his now-empty bowl to the side. “It’s too bad Mordreth doesn’t have any daughters for us to charm. Only that good-for-nothing Kew, and I really don’t see him helping. And Arthur’s gone, so that’s out of the question.”
“If Prince Arthur was here,” said Gavin, “we wouldn’t be in the dungeon.”
“Good point,” said Leo. “As I was saying, we could always try to steal a key and unlock the door, but that can be a very tricky business, and it’s very easy to get caught. And then where would we be? Probably talking about death sentences some more. Honestly, they don’t bother me, just all this talk about them. It’s enough to drive a man mad.”

Where to buy the book:

Author person:

Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairy tales and twisting them in new and exciting ways.  She's been practicing her skills on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years, "Finish your story, Kendra", is frequently heard at family gatherings.  Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children's tales that also glorify God and his Word. You can read more about her on her blog,

Kendra's Bookania Quests series is ideal for middle grade readers (short, easy to read), but—like any good book—can be enjoyed and read by readers of any age. Kendra weaves fairytales and legends into her own storyline; in this, the third, Bookania Quest, Arthur (who was introduced in book two) tries to reclaim his rightful throne. The tale is filled with exciting developments in the lives of characters readers have come to love from the first two books. We get a peak into Robin's relationship with her new husband (what dark secrets are hidden in their respective castles?), we get to travel the land of Bookania, we get to meet new characters, and we get to witness a showdown between Arthur and his Uncle Mordreth. And what is with the sword in the stone, anyway? All this and more in My Kingdom for a Quest by Kendra E. Ardnek, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

If you want to read my review with Eric, one of the characters, click the LINK.
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Live long and prosper.

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